The Ordinary Rose Hip Seed Oil

the ordinary cold pressed rose hip seed oil face review swatch skincare

I feel it’s been some time since I last reviewed a skincare product and that’s easily explained: I just wasn’t trying anything new. With skincare I love using up what I have before opening up a new product. Not only is that more sustainable, it also means the product cannot expire before you can use it up and you really get to try a product. Skincare simply takes a longer time to try out as it can take as long as 2 months for a skincare products to work with your skin and that you start seeing what it does for you. So over the summer I steadily worked on using up some of my products and by now, I feel I have tried The Ordinary’s Rose Hip See Face Oil enough to give you my thoughts.

The Ordinary 100% Organic Cold Pressed Rose Hip Seed Oil // Skincare Review

When I decided earlier in the year that I wanted to try some more skincare products, The Ordinary was high on my list. They are affordable, have a no-nonsense approach to skincare and should benefit your skin almost as well as many high end products. After trying their B Oil and loving that, I thought I would try something else first. On The Ordinary’s website you can easily search for products that suit your skin needs and this is a product they promote as being perfect for dry/ dehydrated skin line mine. At just €9.80 it also isn’t expensive for a face oil. Let’s see how this works.

The Packaging

the ordinary cold pressed rose hip seed oil face review swatch skincare

When it comes to skincare I love easy to use packaging and I don’t really care how pretty it is. Still, I like the simple packaging The Ordinary does. It may not be pretty and luxurious, but it is practical. The Rose Hip Seed Oil comes in a dropper style packaging and I don’t know about you but to me it scream retro apothecary.

The Promises

the ordinary cold pressed rose hip seed oil face review swatch skincare

Skincare of course comes with some claims and promises which they say the product will help you achieve. This face oil is for all skin types and should help hydrate the skin. It should also help plump the skin, combat early signs of ageing and is meant to be a night time product. Since it is an oil is should be applied after more lightweight products for it to sink into the skin.

The Ingredients

the ordinary cold pressed rose hip seed oil face review swatch skincare

Isn’t that the shortest ingredient list you’ve ever seen? It literally has just one ingredient, which is of course great. That said, I have tried pure, all organic, single ingredient skincare before and that made me break out. So just because there are so few ingredients won’t mean you won’t have a skin reaction especially if you have sensitive skin. This never gave me any sort of reaction though, but it always good to bare in mind.

The Swatch

the ordinary cold pressed rose hip seed oil face review swatch skincare

The Rose Hip Seed Oil is quite a dark amber colored oil. That at first I had to get used to, but the B Oil I tried before was a seaweed green shade, so it happens if a product is this pure. It has a very earthy smell, again something I got used to quite easily. What I haven’t gotten used to yet? The oiliness of this product. I usually do my skincare routine right before I go to bed, but this needs a bit more time to sink in. The first few times I used this it went more on my pillow than it stayed on my face.

Compared to the B Oil this feels a lot more rich and more oily than other face oil I have tried before. It therefore doesn’t feel great at first and I was worried this might be too oily for my skin. However, I have found that this is rich enough to be worn as is. With this face oil I feel I don’t need any other skincare products to still get the hydration I need. And that I think is a great thing because usually a face oil is just one out of four steps in my night time skincare routine.

My Final Thoughts

The Ordinary’s Rose Hip Seed Oil is a great skincare product that doesn’t break the bank. It was a lovely option throughout the late summer as I didn’t have to use too many products to make this work. Now that the weather is cooling down and my skin is asking for more I find this a bit too rich to layer with other skincare products. I think I prefer the B Oil over this as I feel that did a better job on my skin. This just takes a bit long to sink into the skin and requires a bit more patience and planning to apply. If you have no issue with that or if you need something that really packs a punch in terms of hydration, then I would definitely recommend you try this product.

What is your opinion about face oils? Do you like to use them?

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