Essence Superlast Brow Pommade pencil

essence superlast eyebrow pommade pencil review swatch

I don’t typically change up my brow products too much. I use them up and move on to the next one. And I have a couple of solid favorites that I go back to every time. One of those favorites? The Essence Make Me Brow brow gel. So since I love that so much why not try a new Essence brow product: their brow pommade brow pencil.

Essence Superlast 24 hr Brow Pommade Brow Pencil Waterproof // Review, Swatch, Makeup Look

If there is one thing Essence has going for it is its price point. This brow pencil retails for a mere €1.99. Compare that to the more expensive brands like an Anastasia or MAC. Those pencils retail for at least 10x the price. The only downside: it is only available in two shades of which I have the lightest one.

The Packaging

essence superlast eyebrow pommade pencil review swatch

The brow pencil comes with very simple packaging. It is a twist up pencil with packaging in the same shade as the product. There is a sponge applicator on one side, which I don’t use personally and then there is a cap that covers the product to prevent it from drying out.

The Product

essence superlast eyebrow pommade pencil review swatch

When I first opened it up, I was surprised by how thick the actual pencil is. This is not a skinny pencil at all, which is what I had expected. In contrast with many pencils, this is a very waxy type of pencil, which I think is supposed to be the ‘pommade’ aspect of the product. It is quite a tough product to work with as it is quite stiff. It also has a tendency to tug at the brow hairs and occasionally pull them out. It’s not painful to use, but I have not experienced that with any other brow product.

The Swatch

essence superlast eyebrow pommade pencil review swatch

Because the product is thick and it has a waxy texture, the pigmentation is on point. This goes on quite intense and the thickness of the pencil does not allow for super precise application. It can be difficult for it to go on even. You can apply it well enough if all you’re striving for is filling in your brows. But if you need a bit more and you actively need to reshape your brows, then this is not the product for you.

The Application

essence superlast eyebrow pommade pencil review swatch

But just because it is super pigmented and a bit thicker in its application, does not mean that you cannot make this look natural. If you use a light hand, brush through your brows with a brush and apply some brown gel, you get a wonderful fluffy brow look that is one I enjoy. Because I have quite fluffy brows and I like it if I can make them look as fluffy as possible. To top things off, this has great lasting power and this creates a brow look that lasts all day.

My Final Thoughts

essence superlast eyebrow pommade pencil review swatch

All in all, the Essence Superlast Brow Pommade pencil is a decent brow product. It lasts well, creates a beautiful look and for me the shade is on point. However, the limited shade range and the fact that this makes for a coarser look that is less precise is not for everyone. At this price point, I haven’t found any other product though that works quite as well. So if you want your brows to work out on the cheap, this may be worth a look.

Have you tried any brow products by Essence?

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