10 Palette Review

Are you excited? I am excited! Because today is the day that I do my quarterly 10 eyeshadow palette review. In case you don’t know I review an eyeshadow palette on this blog every Saturday. But I am always behind. Mainly because it takes me some time to do the looks, then wrap my head around it and in my blog reviews I like to go quite in depth, explaining how I did looks, how I feel about the price point, packaging and quality of the palette and whether I recommend it yes or no. Since I want to stay a bit more current as well, I decided to lump together 10 eyeshadow palettes after I tried them and show my swatches and looks in a wrap up video where I can give you my review early. So these are not first impressions, as I have used all the shades in each of these palettes, but this is not the same as a super in-depth review that I like doing after I have used these palettes even more.

2022 Update: I have added links to reviews of the palettes if I have done indepth reviews since then!

10 Eyeshadow Palette Review

Palettes mentioned:

  1. MUR New Neutral
  2. MUR Chilled
  3. ELF Earth & Ocean (review)
  4. Juvia’s Place The Nomad (review)
  5. Dose of Colors Pretty Cool (review)
  6. BH Love in London (review)
  7. Urban Decay Wired (review)
  8. ABH Norvina Vol. 3 (review)
  9. Catrice Pro Gen nudes (review)
  10. Essence Which Side
What eyeshadow palette have you tried?

6 responses to “10 Palette Review”

  1. I haven’t tried any of these, but I almost got BH Love In London when it was on sale. I might wait to see if it goes on sale again, it looks like a versatile palette.

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