No. 7 Bronzer Golden Sand review

No. 7 Bronzer Golden Sand review swatch makeup look application

A while ago, I saw quite some beauty Youtubers referring to the No. 7 bronzer as being one that they loved. So when I was in the UK, I found myself a boots and decided to check it out. I picked it up in the lightest shade: Golden Sand and then completely forgot I had this. So when I decluttered my bronzer collection in March, I discovered that I still had this sitting in my collection, pretty much unused. So I knew that I had to make a point of using this asap. I put it in my April Shop My Stash and this is my review.

Review: No. 7 Match Made Bronzer Golden Sand

As it turns out, Boots now has a Dutch website and you can even order this product online. What a pleasant surprise! You don’t have to travel to a different country to get your hands on this if you don’t want to. It is more expensive though. In the UK, this retails for £12.50, while in The Netherlands the exact same product retails for €15.99. It is available in three shades of which Golden Sand is the lightest one. The one that was making the rounds is called Maple which is more aimed at light to medium skin. If you are fair like me than Golden Sand is definitely your best best.

What does this bronzer have to offer?

No. 7 Bronzer Golden Sand review swatch makeup look application

Golden Sand is a matte bronzer that should give your skin a natural glowy look. It is supposed to match with other products in this line so that if you know your color in one product you can match across the brand. Since this is the first and only No. 7 makeup product I have ever tried, I didn’t have that luxury, but I know I am usually in need of the lightest shade in pretty much anything. This bronzer should blend easily and give the skin a nice bronzed look.

What is the shade like?

No. 7 Bronzer Golden Sand review swatch makeup look application

Now if you’re a pasty ghost like me, you will know that bronzers for fair skin tones are a nightmare to get right. Many bronzers are far too warm toned and will look too red, too orange or too muddy. Not this No. 7 bronzer. I was very pleasantly surprised with how well this worked on me. It is darker than many of my favorite winter time bronzer, which is when I truly need to be careful with what bronzer I use. This was perfect for the spring time as it is darker than some of my winter time bronzers, but not as dark as my summer time ones. It is right smack in the middle and that is why I ended up loving it.

How does it swatch?

No. 7 Bronzer Golden Sand review swatch makeup look application

The texture of this bronzer is indeed super smooth and silky. It is a matte powder bronzer, but for some reason this feels really lightweight and not powdery at all. With a duofibre face brush, this is super easy to blend. I alwasy use a duofibre brush for bronzer as it diffuses the color even further and just means you can never overdo your bronzer and make you look like an Oompa Loompa. The shade is a great match for me right now and it wears well throughout the day.

How does it apply?

No. 7 Bronzer Golden Sand review swatch makeup look application

In these pictures the bronzer looks a bit orange on my skin, but I most likely took these application pictures at a different time of year where I was a bit too pale for it. Like I mentioned, this is perfect for right now, but if I were to try using this in February it would be too dark and orange and if I were to try using this in July it would be too light. It is great for transitional weather though and it adds just the right amount of color to my face now that the weather is turning nicer.

My final thoughts

No. 7 Bronzer Golden Sand review swatch makeup look application

I have to say that I am pleasantly surprised by the No. 7 Match Made bronzer in Golden Sand. The shade is great for me, it wears well and blends easily. It is not too expensive and this is a great replacement for one of my other favorite spring time bronzers. That is the Soap & Glory Solar Powder bronzer and that has been discontinued. That has a huge dent in it and I know I will use that up and this one gives a very similar effect I feel. So this is a great one to have on hand for me.

Would I recommend the No. 7 Bronzer in Golden Sand?

Not Golden Sand as a shade, but the formula: YES! This is a great bronzer and the fact that it comes in multiple shades is a plus. Golden Sand is a great shade for fair skinned people and the texture and formula are just on point. I do have to say that their darkest shade is not that dark, so this may not be the right product for you if you have a deep skin tone.

What is your favorite spring time bronzer?

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