Glossier Boy Brow review

glossier boy brow blond brow gel review swatch application

If you want to go for that effortless, minimal no makeup makeup look then Glossier has got your back. This minimal makeup brand is known for promoting a very particular makeup look: dewy skin, muted colors and bushy brows. And they have just the tool for creating that fluffy brow look: meet Boy Brow. This is promoted as a grooming pomade that thickens, shapes and grooms your brows. In short it is supposed to be your one stop shop for all things brow. But is it?

Review: Glossier Boy Brow grooming pomade in Blond

Glossier products do not come cheap. This brow gel costs $16 a pop and is only available through the brand (and they do not ship internationally). Compare that to my favorite brow gel for a minute. The Essence Make Me Brow retails for €2.59 and it has been my favorite for years. It works well, is cheap and it is the only brow gel that does not start to smell funky within 2 months. I am personally of the opinion that there are plenty of good brow products at the drugstore. So does this have anything special to offer?

What does Glossier Boy Brow have to offer?

glossier boy brow blond brow gel review swatch application

This product promises to be more than just your average brow gel. Have you ever experienced your brow gel turning crispy and a bit crunchy as it dries down? This promises to give the hold you need but without the crispiness. This brow gel should stay in place and keep your brows in shape while not gluing them down. In short, this should be a comfortable brow gel that gets the job done without doing what most brow gels do.

What are the benefits of Glossier Boy Brow?

glossier boy brow blond brow gel review swatch application

Let’s talk about a few things that I like about this brow gel. Firstly, it comes in four shades: clear, blonde, brown and black. I went for blonde which is a great match for my brows. Secondly, it has a very short bristled brush. The brush is not over sized and quite small. This means you can easily apply the product and be precise at the same time. I sometimes find bigger brushes on brow products to be messy, so this brush is one I love. I actually think I want to keep this brush after using up this product, just so I can use it with other products. Finally, it is indeed a brow gel that feels comfortable and does not make your brows go crispy.

How does this brow gel swatch?

glossier boy brow blond brow gel review swatch application

Here you can see a closeup of the brush and the swatch. As you can see this product isn’t a very wet brow gel. Often brow gels are quite wet which is why they need to dry down. This already starts more like a cream rather than a gel. The blond tint is subtle and not orange at all. The brush is small and easy to use. Where I have used other brow gels in the past that made a huge mess, this is precise, easy to use and makes for a good application every time.

How does this brow gel apply?

glossier boy brow blond brow gel review swatch application

Apologies for the very unkempt brows but this was after months of no plucking after my salon had made them so skinny that I decided to let them grow back before messing with them again. That does make for a good effect to show you what this brow gel can do. As you can see it fills my brows a little bit, the shade is on point and it definitely adds some definition. They look more groomed and held in place. Sadly my brow hairs are a bit thick and heavy for this brow gel to really have a good hold. I feel my brows look like this for about an hour after which they start to droop down again.

My final thoughts

glossier boy brow blond brow gel review swatch application

But my question whenever trying any new brow gel is always: does it beat the Essence Make Me Brow? And sadly, the Glossier Boy Brow does not. Yes it is a great brow gel that ticks many boxes for me. It is comfortable, easy to use and a great shade. But if I can find the exact same thing for less than a fifth of the price I know which one I will repurchase. What sets this product apart from me is the creamy formula: that is what makes this truly unique.

Would I recommend the Glossier Boy Brow brow gel?

This is definitely a good brow gel: there is no doubt about it. But the Glossier Boy Brow is not one I would recommend for everyone. Not only because you can only get this through Glossier and they do not ship internationally. So that can make this product really hard to get if you are not in a country they ship to. That, combined with the price point is my reason for not recommending this flat out.

What do you think of the Glossier Boy Brow?

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