Catrice Clean ID BB Cream review

catrice clean ID bb cream light review swatch application fair skin

Catrice and their base products. Sigh. They do some lovely products, but for some reason the brand just can’t get itself to be more inclusive. I still like trying their stuff just to see how it would wear. So when they released a BB cream for their Spring/ Summer collection in only two shades I was eager to try it but skeptical at the same time. Now BB creams often don’t come in tons of shades but still in 2020 putting out a base product which only comes in two shades is a bit shameful. So let’s see how this goes.

Review: Catrice Clean ID Hydro BB Cream 010 Light

So this BB cream comes in just two shades: Light and Medium and both are really not that dark. It retails for €5.99 and it is part of the Clean ID line. This is a line Catrice rolled out last year with more natural, mostly vegan products. This BB cream is no different. Now they just need to do this in at least 10 different shades to be more inclusive and this would be a great product.

What does this BB cream have to offer?

catrice clean ID bb cream light review swatch application fair skin

But let’s have a look at some of the redeeming qualities of this BB cream. First of all it is a vegan product, which is a good one. Secondly it is a BB cream and does exactly what a BB cream does. It doesn’t have SPF but it does have all the other qualities of a good BB cream. This is a natural, radiant, lightweight base product that is great of evening out your skin without it being too thick or cakey. This BB cream promises to give that no makeup makeup look and that is exactly what it does. For warm weather like we are having this week, this product is one of the best ones I have in my collection.

How does it swatch?

catrice clean ID bb cream light review swatch application fair skin

So this swatch is not fully representative of the performance of the product. I always take pictures of my products right after I buy them so that the packaging looks clean and nice for the pictures. In the case of this BB cream that meant it had a bit of an oily layer when I first started using this that has since disappeared. After the first use that little bit of oil never appeared again and what I get now is a nice, creamy texture that blends in easily and wears a long time without being very noticeable on the skin.

How does this BB cream apply?

catrice clean ID bb cream light review swatch application fair skin

When I bought this product in the winter time I felt this was a touch too dark for my skin. Now that it is summer and my skin has a bit of a tint I feel the shade is perfect. But that means that this shade is light, because I am incredibly fair and barely tan to begin with. The application is swift with a makeup sponge and it creates a pretty lightweight base that does not transfer. With a bit on powder on top this wears all day, but I feel it does darken a bit as you wear as it has a tendency to oxidize.

My final thoughts

catrice clean ID bb cream light review swatch application fair skin

The Catrice Clean ID BB cream is a good BB cream, but it is a shame it doesn’t come in more shades so more people can try it. Then again, I have never found a BB cream that comes in more than 3 shades that actually works like a BB cream. This works for me in the summer time, but in the winter time this will be too dark especially because it darkens bit throughout the day. Even in the warmer weather I can barely feel this on my skin and I feel it doesn’t look overly shiny either. So this has become one of my favorite lightweight bases for the summer time.

Would I recommend the Catrice Clean ID BB cream?

I would if you can find your shade match. Since this is such a lightweight texture you can easily get away with the two shades available if you have light to medium skin. However if you have very deep skin or porcelain skin this will not be right for you. I seriously hope Catrice will extend its shade range so more people can enjoy this product. I think many people will enjoy this, but it is a bit futile to wholeheartedly recommend this product when it has such a limited shade range.

What do you think of BB creams?

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  1. This looks fantastic on you. It doesn’t look like you have anything on at all, just perfect skin. I don’t use BB creams because I have really sensitive acne-prone skin. When I wear a foundation, I go all out and wear something that covers well. A) Because I need the coverage and B) Because it’s gonna break me out anyway, so when I do use a foundation I might as well go all out!

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