Charlotte Tilbury blush Pillow Talk review

charlotte tilbury pillow talk blush review swatch application fair skin

In this month’s shop my stash I didn’t select many new blushes to try. Just this one: Charlotte Tilbury’s blush in Pillow Talk. Talk about a cult product? If there is one high end brand that I am slowly but surely gathering some products by it is Charlotte Tilbury. And so far, everything I have tried is stunning. This blush is no different. So let’s have a look at why this blush works so well for me.

Review: Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Cheek to Chic Swish & Glow blusher

Charlotte Tilbury is quickly becoming one of my favorite luxury brands. Her products are expensive though, so I only buy them ever so often. About once a year, I choose to try something new. This year I opted to try two: her Flawless Filter as well as this stunning blush. I had been wanting to try a Charlotte Tilbury blush for years, but didn’t feel inspired by the shade selection. Until… she released Pillow Talk. Based around her most famous lipstick color, this shade is now available as a blush and even an eyeshadow palette. The blush retails for €39 (yikes!) but it is that perfect neutral toned blush.

What does this blush have to offer?

charlotte tilbury pillow talk blush review swatch application fair skin

Pillow Talk is one of those blushers that doesn’t look like much. In fact I feel that way about all the shades in the Charlotte Tilbury blush range. These are blushes the way blush is meant to be: a wash of color that gives a natural flush to the cheeks. So this may not give you a very interesting cheek look, but certainly a very wearable one. You can be sure of that. This blush is available in two shades: this regular version, but it also comes in a deeper shade for people with darker complexions.

What makes the Pillow Talk blush so special?

charlotte tilbury pillow talk blush review swatch application fair skin

The Pillow Talk blush is different from other blushes in the Charlotte Tilbury range. What it has in common with those is that all these blushes are designed with a ring of color on the outer rim, and a ‘pop’ shade in the middle. The idea with this product is that you take your brush, swirl it around the outer rim, apply that and then dab the brush into the middle of the pan and apply it to the apple of the cheek. Pillow Talk is different as the ‘pop’ shade is a subtle highlighter. So after applying the shade you can go in and apply that highlighter to the high points on the face. I don’t use it like that though: I just swirl the two shades together and apply it like that: as a pretty glowy blush.

How does this product swatch?

charlotte tilbury pillow talk blush review swatch application fair skin

Because this blush consists of multiple shades, I have swatched each shade individually on the left hand side. The shade you see on the right is the one you get when you blend the two together. Now you see why that is my preferred shade: it is a stunning neutral blush shade with a bunch of glow. The color shade itself I find a bit too dark and the highlight doesn’t work as a highlight as it is too dark too. But together? Stunning. This blush is easy to blend, looks seamless on the cheeks and it lasts all day.

What does this blush look like on?

charlotte tilbury pillow talk blush review swatch application fair skin

What a difference a bit of blush makes. I think however that this can rightly be called a blush shade for people who don’t like blush. Because while you can see a clear difference between these two pictures, you can also see that this blush shade is not too intense. It just provides a subtle color that enlivens the face but without overdoing it. This is the kind of blush you can just not overapply and still you can’t see where the blush starts and where my skin finishes. Blush the way blush was meant to be.

My final thoughts

charlotte tilbury pillow talk blush review swatch application fair skin

This blush and its formula has instantly made its way into my top 5 favorite blush formulas. And that is a bold statement to make, because there are many that I love. However, to me, this is up there for me along with my Urban Decay, The Balm and Hourglass blushes (and Essence, because they make the best affordable blushes). This is GOOD. It is also super expensive, however this is the kind of blush you can buy and you won’t need anything else. This blush goes with every look, works with every outfit and can easily be taken anywhere for touch ups.

Would I recommend the Charlotte Tilbury blush in Pillow Talk?

Yes, but only if you wish to splurge. I think this blush is especially right for you if you are willing to spend a bit more money on a truly amazing product that can be the only thing you use for the next few years. This is the blush shade for people who don’t want to fuss, who don’t have a large collection and who wear makeup on the daily. This shade is great if you like natural makeup. If you don’t want to spend this much money then there are now many dupes of this on the market. In short, you can dupe this, but I just love having the real thing.

What do you think of the Charlotte Tilbury blushes?

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