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sephora lip kit review swatch fenty too faced charlotte tilbury milk fresh laneige lip balm lipstick

Every year for the holiday season Sephora does these ‘lip kits’. Every year I hear Youtubers raving about it, but since it seems to be a US only thing and not something I can therefore order online. So on one of my last days in the Big Apple I finally spotted these kits and I decided to pick one up. They do these kits in different renditions each year and what appealed to me in this one is that there are two full sized products and 6 minis. One of those full sizes? A Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution lipstick in Very Victoria which was still on my wishlist! Here’s what I thought of the kit.

Review: Sephora Lip Kit

This lip kit retailed for $42 which is a pretty good size considering the fact that the Charlotte Tilbury lipstick retails for roughly $35 if you buy it separately. Additionally there were some other products in the kit that I had been hoping to try so I felt it was a good deal. However, according to some die hard lip kit fans the products in this particular kit has been part of previous kits/ were not that interesting as it wasn’t anything too new and exciting. Well for me, many of the brands features, especially from the lip balm side of the package, aren’t even available to me where I live so I had never tried any of these before. The only thing I had tried was the Charlotte Tilbury lipstick: the Matte Revolution line is one of my favorite lines for lipstick and I have many different shades.

What does this lip kit have to offer?

sephora lip kit review swatch fenty too faced charlotte tilbury milk fresh laneige lip balm lipstick

Inside there are 8 products: 2 full size and 6 minis. Inside you get four lip balm/ oil type products and four colors of lipsticks, all by different brands. The lip balms included are: Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask, Milk Kush lip balm in Green Dragon, Fresh Sugar Rosé Tinted lip treatment, Inc. Credible Rollerbaby The Original Gloss. The lipsticks included are: Fenty Beauty Mattemoiselle Plush Matte lipstick in Flamingo Acid, Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution lipstick in Very Victoria, Sephora Collection Cream Lipstain in 96 Red Velvet, Too Faced Peach Kiss Moisture Matt longwearing lipstick in Sex on the Peach.

Charlotte Tilbury Very Victoria // Fenty Beauty Flamingo Acid

sephora lip kit review swatch fenty too faced charlotte tilbury milk fresh laneige lip balm lipstick

I was most excited about these two lipsticks being included. Very Victoria is a pretty soft nude shade that I still had on my ‘Charlotte Tilbury lip wardrobe wishlist’. I have slowly but surely expanded my range of Charlotte Tilbury colors and this was one I still wanted to try. So I was happy to find a full size of the lipstick in the kit. Fenty Beauty is a brand that I am very intrigued by, but since it is a Sephora only brand and not available in my country it is a bit hard to get a hold of. I had been wanting to try one of their lipsticks for a while as they do some interesting shade. This bright berry seemed like a good starting point.

Too Faced Sex on the Peach // Sephora Red Velvet

sephora lip kit review swatch fenty too faced charlotte tilbury milk fresh laneige lip balm lipstick

The two lipsticks I thought made nice additions but weren’t going to be musthave were these two. A red liquid lipstick by the Sephora name brand and a nude by Too Faced. I had heard great things about the Sephora lipstains but since I am a bit over liquid lipsticks I knew I wouldn’t get the use out of this and I have many reds I love and adore, so this wasn’t a priority. The surprise of the kit for me would be Too Faced Sex on the Peach. If you have been following my Shop my Stash videos you will have seen that by now I have nearly used this one up and I was using it pretty much exclusively in the spring time. Great nude for everyday that goes with every look.

Fresh Sugar Rosé Lip Balm // Milk Kush Lip Balm

sephora lip kit review swatch fenty too faced charlotte tilbury milk fresh laneige lip balm lipstick

In the lip balm department there were also a few interesting tries. The Fresh lip balms have a cult following and I had never tried, again because they are a bit harder to find. So I was excited to find a cute little mini in this kit to try. I haven’t used this much yet, but I plan on rotating it into my shop my stash once my Essence lip balm runs out. The Milk Kush lip balm I already used up. It was a good lip balm but a bit messy. This lip balm is very soft and the fact that it is so small lead it to melt very easily and therefore it started to break off at some point. I had to be very careful when I was using this too not smear it everywhere.

Inc. Redible Rollerbaby Gloss // Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask

sephora lip kit review swatch fenty too faced charlotte tilbury milk fresh laneige lip balm lipstick

The only product in the kit I was a bit unsure of? The gloss/ lip oil. This is labelled as a gloss, but I find it too oily to be that. To me it is more like a lip oil. I am not a fan of roller balls for lip products (not very hygienic) and I am also not a fan of glossy lips. I have therefore not used this much. I think it may be a good product to rotate into a shop my stash at some point to still get the use out of it, but this is not why I got the kit. Another cult favorite lip product in this kit? The Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask. I heard many great things about this and I started using it as my night time lip balm after using up one by CO Bigelow. Sadly I wasn’t a fan. I don’t like the sweet scent this has and it also wasn’t hydrating enough for my lips for a night time lip balm. From a product titled a ‘lip sleeping mask’ I had expected more!

What do the lipsticks swatch like?

sephora lip kit review swatch fenty too faced charlotte tilbury milk fresh laneige lip balm lipstick

Since lipbalms go on clear, there isn’t much to see in pictures, which is why I only swatched and applied the lipstick part of the kit onto my hand and lips. Above you can see the four lipsticks. From top to bottom we have the Sephora lip stain, Fenty’s Flamingo Acid, Too Faced’s Sex on the Peach and Very Victoria by Charlotte Tilbury. All lip colors are matte (my favorite!) and I loved the color pay off I got in a swatch.

What do these lipsticks look like on?

sephora lip kit review swatch fenty too faced charlotte tilbury milk fresh laneige lip balm lipstick

When trying out lipsticks we of course need to do some lipswatches! I think these pictures show you even better how different the textures are despite all of these lipsticks being marketed as being mattes. Charlotte Tilbury (top left) has a very comfortable formula that stays put but never dries out the lips. The Sephora lipstick (top right) is a liquid lipstick that will dry down completely and was a bit difficult to apply as I found there was too much product on the applicator to get a smooth line. Not something you can see if you don’t look at if from this close though. Too Faced Sex on the Peach (bottom left) is a very comfortable formula that even feels a bit hydrating with a bit of a sheen. I would call this a satin rather than a matte. Finally, Fenty’s Flamingo Acid (bottom right) is a stunning magenta/ berry shade that I will definitely be busting out this fall. It is the most drying of the three regular lipsticks though.

My final thoughts

sephora lip kit review swatch fenty too faced charlotte tilbury milk fresh laneige lip balm lipstick

What are my final thoughts on the Sephora lip kit as a whole? Overall I think it was well worth the investment. I got a shade of lipsticks I wanted to buy anyway that is worth almost the entire price point and then some bonus products to try. The lip balms were nice but I wouldn’t repurchase any of them as they are not exactly what I am looking for. The lipstick were a huge success. I am actually contemplating buying a full size of the Too Faced lipstick and would love to try another shade by Fenty.

Would I recommend the Sephora lip kit?

Well I would, but not this one as this one was available almost a year ago. However, if they do them again this year and there are enough products in the kit you are interested in I think this is worth the price point. For me it was 7 out of 8 products that I was curious after and I am glad I got to try so many new things for a good price. That is the reason for me to buy it and if that is yours than I think you might really enjoy your purchase too.

What do you think of the Sephora lip kit?

15 responses to “Sephora Lip Kit”

  1. Esther M Avatar
    Esther M

    I like the look of those Sephora Favorites kits as the seem good value for money when you want to try out some new brands or formulas especially as there are two full size products included in the kit and the mini’s are a decent size as well.

    1. indiequeen84 Avatar

      Totally agree.

  2. Spirituality Awakening Avatar

    wow, It is looking pretty nice… <3 <3

  3. retrodee Avatar

    Wow I don’t know how I missed this kit. I’ll have to pay better attention this year! I love a kit where you can try lipsticks out… I remember first seeing a roller ball lipgloss when I was a kid (it was my Mom’s) and thinking it was the bee’s knees. I used to sneak and use it. LOL. I haven’t seen one since, and thought they stopped making them long ago! Right now I’m awaiting my first Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution lipstick (guess which color I got, LOL) and I’m thinking of trying the Sephora Stain so I can wear something that doesn’t transfer under a mask when I go out.

    1. indiequeen84 Avatar

      Good choice! Did you buy Red Carpet Red? Can’t wait to hear what you think of it.

      1. retrodee Avatar

        Yep! It arrived and so far I’ve only swatched it, but it looks like a good, deep, true red! I got it on sale for $24 USD!

      2. indiequeen84 Avatar

        Oh that is a good deal!

  4. atwiglikeme Avatar

    Those Sephora lip kits are on my mental wishlist since forever. My friends make fun of me that I want to travel just to go into a Sephora 🤭
    I’m meh about lip care side but would like to play around with those items 🤷‍♀️
    That Flamingo Acud shade looks great on you 👌

    1. indiequeen84 Avatar

      You might like the one they have this year then! I spotted them over on insta and it seems to come with nudes and reds this year. So no lipcare products at all.

      1. atwiglikeme Avatar

        I’ll have to look into it! Thank you 👌😊

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