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colourpop pretty fresh foundation review swatch fair skin fair 20N makeup look

It feels like only a few weeks ago since I tried the Colourpop Pretty Fresh Tinted Moisturizer and that was a product I liked. But right around the time that I was trying that out, Colourpop announced they were launching their Pretty Fresh foundation. I was a very happy bunny because where the No Filter products weren’t my favorite, the Pretty Fresh line is right up my street. How did I fare with the foundation?

Review: Colourpop Pretty Fresh Foundation Fair 20N

This is one of Colourpop’s more expensive products. Where Colourpop was known for being super affordable at the start of the brand, it seems they are slowly but surely hiking up their price point. This foundation retails for $16. That is still not expensive (I mean I own a $60 YSL foundation so what are we talking about here), but it is 4 dollars more expensive than the No Filter which was launched first. That foundation was more geared towards normal skin though and since I have dry skin, the promise of a more hydrating foundation sounded great to me.

What does this foundation have to offer?

colourpop pretty fresh foundation review swatch fair skin fair 20N makeup look

The Pretty Fresh foundation is promoted as a hyaluronic hydrating foundation that is oil free, vegan and great for all skin types. It is available in 42 shades and I got the almost lightest neutral toned shade. That is similar to the one I have in the Pretty Fresh Tinted Moisturizer and that is why I went with that. The difference between the Tinted Moisturizer and this foundation is that this is supposed to be at least medium coverage, whereas the tinted moisturizer has a light coverage.

What is this foundation like on the skin?

colourpop pretty fresh foundation review swatch fair skin fair 20N makeup look

I find this foundation easy to use. The packaging comes with a pump and a lid, which the No Filter didn’t have. So this will be easier to travel with. I do have to say that I feel that the lid is a bit cheaply made so I am not sure how long the cap will last if you do happen to travel with it a lot. The packaging is lightweight and you can clearly see the shade of the foundation through the bottle.

Let’s look at the swatch!

colourpop pretty fresh foundation review swatch fair skin fair 20N makeup look

Here you can see the texture of the foundation: it is quite thin and watery and starts to run the minute you pump it out of the bottle. I would recommend applying this foundation with a sponge for a more natural look: with a brush this might get streaky due to the watery texture. It has a bit of a glow to it and it has a light to medium coverage that you could build up to medium plus. It has the kind of coverage that I like. It is not too much, but still evens out my skin tone and covers up my redness. That is all I need.

What does this foundation look like on the skin?

colourpop pretty fresh foundation review swatch fair skin fair 20N makeup look

As you can see this has a very natural look about it. It evens out my skin tone and that’s that. What I loved about this foundation is its wear time. I wore this on hot days at the start of the month and it even lasted through a Body Combat class at the gym. I do feel it kind of breaks up and looks more glowy as the day progresses. So I think that at the end of the day most of the coverage will have disappeared. However, it is still on, wears well (10+ hours of wear time for sure!) and it doesn’t look dry or cakey.

My final thoughts

colourpop pretty fresh foundation review swatch fair skin fair 20N makeup look

The Colourpop Pretty Fresh foundation had me a bit surprised. I liked their base products so far but this is a good solid, everyday foundation that works well as an allrounder. It isn’t the most special of foundations, but it gives me exactly what I need. It has the coverage I like, it wears well all day and it is easy to use. What more could we want from a foundation?

Would I recommend the Colourpop Pretty Fresh foundation?

This foundation is good, but it is not for everyone. I have dry/ dehydrated skin and this foundation already breaks up on me on a hot day. That means that if you have oilier skin this may not wear as well. So bear that in mind. What is great is that this comes in so many shades and for the price point I think this is quite a solid buy. I don’t like that Colourpop is slowly but surely increasing their prices, but at the same time the quality of this product, I feel, is worth it.

What do you think of Colourpop upping their prices?

7 responses to “Colourpop Pretty Fresh foundation”

  1. Laura Avatar

    I was hoping to hear your opinion on this one, so thanks for the review! The foundation looks good on you! I think I will pass on this one though, because I have an oily t-zone. Probably wont wear too well on that.

    1. indiequeen84 Avatar

      Yeah if you have oily skin I would not recommend.

  2. retrodee Avatar

    My skin is oily, so this doesn’t sound good for me. But ironically, I got the concealer and it went on patchy, looking dry. Then again, under my eyes can be dry. Well I think it’s a shame when any company ups their prices, especially one that’s supposed to be known for being affordable.

    1. indiequeen84 Avatar

      I liked the concealer a whole lot more than the No Filter. That was a hot mess on me.

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