Colourpop Blush review

Colourpop Catch My Vibe blush review swatch Making Mauves makeup look application fair skin dry skin

I had never before tried Colourpop’s blush formula. I bought Parakeet over the summer but I hadn’t used it much as the shade turned out to look a bit differently from what I had expected. So when I was gearing up for my next Colourpop purchase, I found the Plain Jayne value set containing at least two items I really wanted: the Making Mauves eyeshadow palette and the Merci Bouquet Super Shock eyeshadow duo. I thought: why not throw in the full set and try a blush and lipgloss from the brand too? Today we are having a closer look at the blush from this value set.

Review: Colourpop Pressed Powder Blush Catch My Vibe Making Mauves Plain Jayne value set

Catch My Vibe is a blush that can be bought separately or as part of a set. If you buy this as an individual product, you will pay $8 for this blush. With sales however, it can go down to as little as just under $6 so this is a good deal overall. The blush is described as a matte pale baby pink and contains 6 grams of product. The product is currently only available via Colourpop’s official website. If you’re in Europe like me, I would always wait around for sales and save up enough products on your wishlist to validate for free shipping to truly make it worth your while after all shipping and handling fees have been added into the mix.

What does this blush have to offer?

Colourpop Catch My Vibe blush review swatch Making Mauves makeup look application fair skin dry skin

I wasn’t sure about Colourpop’s blush formula. Colourpop’s formula overall is a bit wishy washy I find. Yes they can churn out products fast, but their quality control does suffer from it if you ask me. I have had products sent to me that I didn’t order, cracked or spilling out of the pan and the brand seems to be very inconsistent with products that were made in different batches. That said, this is a powder blush and that is a product that I find doesn’t necessarily have to go wrong per se. It has a slightly powdery formula with a bit of kick up, but this isn’t overly pigmented or something I found I had to be very careful with on my fair skin.

What is the shade of this blush like?

Colourpop Catch My Vibe blush review swatch Making Mauves makeup look application fair skin dry skin

Truth be told, I wasn’t lusting after this blush. Also part of the Making Mauves collection is a blush called Coast to Coast which the brand describes as a mauve blush color which I had my sights set on. However, it kept selling out and so I decided to buy the set that included this blush instead. So this wasn’t my first pick. That said, this blush shade turned out to be a lot prettier than I had expected. In the pan this indeed looks like a pale baby pink: not my favorite blush shade for sure. But on the cheeks this turned out to looking very pretty indeed.

How does this blush swatch?

Colourpop Catch My Vibe blush review swatch Making Mauves makeup look application fair skin dry skin

The blush swatches quite intensely but this is of course a finger swatch. Some blushes are terrible at swatching as they are quite sheer or quite densely packed. This blush is not as tightly pressed which leads it to show up well in a swatch. You can see that it’s quite powdery here too: hence the kick up when you stick your brush into the pan. It perhaps feels and looks a bit cheap, these kind of shades always do to me, but I was pleasantly surprised when I applied it.

What does this blush look like on the face?

Colourpop Catch My Vibe blush review swatch Making Mauves makeup look application fair skin dry skin

As you can see here, this makes for a very pretty blush shade. It is a cooler toned pink with a bit of blue undertone. So be warned if you have a warm toned complexion: this will look weird on you. But on my fair, cool to neutral undertone I got exactly what I wanted. It isn’t as bright and in your face as I had expected from swatching it. This turned out to be a blush that is easy to blend and I really ended up enjoying using it when I had this in my Shop My Stash for October.

My final thoughts

Colourpop Catch My Vibe blush review swatch Making Mauves makeup look application fair skin dry skin

Colourpop’s Catch My Vibe blush turned out to be a bit of surprise for me. I was really thinking I would receive the set, use this once and never look at it again. But I ended up loving it enough where I went back to it over and over and over again when I had it in my everyday makeup drawer. In short, if I keep reaching for a product it is worth a bit of a rave. Is the Colourpop blush formula one of my favorites? Not by any means but this shade is simply too pretty to ignore.

Would I recommend the Colourpop blush in Catch My Vibe?

As with any of my Colourpop reviews, I always think Colourpop recommendations should come with a grain of salt. Yes the brand is affordable but if you’re not in the US and you have to shell out for shipping and handling fees, it is no longer as affordable. Plus their prices have been going up in recent times as well, so it’s becoming less and less worth the price point as we speak. Therefore I leave it up to you: yes, this is a pretty blush but it’s not worth going out of your way for to get your hands on it. There are plenty of lovely blushes out there that are as affordable that I can get from my local drugstore.

What do you think of Colourpop blushes?

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  1. retrodee says:

    That’s cool that it worked out, it looks nice. Well, I have only tried the Colourpop Color Shock blush, and I like the color and how it looks, but I find the formula really hard to apply. It’s like part powder, part cream, it’s really hard to pick up on a brush and even harder to pick up with a sponge.

    1. indiequeen84 says:

      That’s why I have never tried those super shock cheek blushes. Those seem so difficult to apply.

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