Fashion Facts, My Style & 10 favorites from 10 brands

fashion favorites

Today’s video is a different one for me. I thought it would be good to have one video in which I talk about things like my height, sizing, how I shop for clothes and how I define my style. To round off the video I list 10 items that I have firm favorites for and that I nearly always shop from the same stores. Because I think that can give you a good idea of what I go for and how I build up my wardrobe

Fashion facts, defining my style and 10 items from favorite brands

Fashion stats:

  • Height: 5″ or 1.56 m
  • Sizing: tops = medium or large | button down: EU 42, UK 14, US 12 | blazers: EU 38/40, UK 10/12, US 8/10 | bottoms: EU 40/42/44, UK 12/14/16, US 10/12/14 | dresses: large EU 40/42, UK 12/14, US 10/12 | shoes: EU 37, UK 4, US 7 | jeans: waist 30/32, inseam 28/30.

My fashion rules/ style:

  • Shop the shape not the size
  • Mix feminine with masculine
  • Dress for comfort not style
  • Preppy but casual
  • Favorite color: red
  • Prints: polka dot, floral, stripes, checks/ gingham, houndstooth.
  • Do not buy for single occasions
  • Only shop items you can wear for a longer time

10 staple items from go to brands:

  • Jeans: Topshop
  • Blazers: ZARA
  • Dresses & jumpsuits: ASOS (dresses only) & Monki (def for jumpsuits)
  • Blouses & turtle necks: Monki
  • Knitwear: H&M & & Other Stories
  • Cardigans: Urban Outfitters
  • Basic t-shirt: Weekday
  • Printed t-shirt: H&M
  • Skirts: vintage
  • Shoes: Vagabond & Dr. Marten’s for go to everyday shoes. Fun, different shoes: ASOS & Topshop
What are your fashion favorites?

2 responses to “Fashion Facts, My Style & 10 favorites from 10 brands”

  1. I have a problem with clothes in that I have tons of “nice” stuff, but ultimately, I only ever end up wearing sweats! I have vintage that I take photos in and and put online, but I never have anywhere to actually wear it to. This was even before the pandemic. Should I stick to only buying comfortable basics, I wonder? I have no business buying any more good clothes vintage or non if I never wear them. I have mounds of clothes that just sit there as it is. I buy sweats and basics at Target and I like the undershirts from Lands End when they go on sale. Those are what actually gets worn.

    • I still wear lots of my clothing. Not so much in the previous year, but on days where I have gone into work I’ve been having lots of fun. It’s like I have a fully new wardrobe. Maybe once you move? Perhaps New England has a strong vintage scene that you can join to wear some of those lovely pieces out?

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