Natascha Denona blush Rayo review

natascha denona duo glow blush review swatch rayo makeup look fair skin dry skin

In 2021, I had set myself the goal to try more Natascha Denona. I tried some of her palettes before (here and here) and I loved them. But I hadn’t tried much anything else from this very expensive brand. And even though I often just buy palettes from a brand, I was very curious to see what Natascha Denona would have to offer in terms of cheek products. So I tried the Love Cheek Duo, which I didn’t love, but then I spotted her Duo Glow blush in Rayo and I knew it would be much more up my street. Let’s see how I got on.

Review: Natascha Denona Duo Glow blush Rayo

This being a Natascha Denona product, you know this won’t be cheap. But for how expensive some products in this line run, I find this to not be too bad. It retails for €37 from places such as Look Fantastic and Feel Unique. It contains 8 grams of product, which is quite a lot for a blush shade and I was very taken with it. When I bought this blush, there was another shade available that looked to be more warm toned, but I can’t seem to find that anymore. I believe it was called Alba. So if you want a shade that suits your skin tone you may want to check ou the other shade.

What does this blush have to offer?

natascha denona duo glow blush review swatch rayo makeup look fair skin dry skin

When I bought mine, it was available from Cult Beauty and I was very intrigued with it. I tried one of her mini blush palettes and I really liked how glowy those products were. But those developed hard pan quite quickly and so no matter how pretty it seemed, I had to declutter it as it would seal over all the time. With this one, I was hoping it would not get hard pan as the pan is much larger, but that I would still get that super pretty glowy look. So the website claims this is a multipurpose powder that can be used as a face or body highlighter, but let me tell you: this is far too pigmented for it to work like a highlighter on me. This works on me like a very glowy blush.

How does this product apply?

natascha denona duo glow blush review swatch rayo makeup look fair skin dry skin

So yes this is gloyw. And yes the brand markets this as a highlighter, but when you hold this up against the light you can see how much of a base pigment this has to it. That’s why I bought this intending to use it like a blush rather than a highlighter and I have been loving it. This shade has been working wonders on my fair skin. It has a far more cool toned look than the pan might have you think. In the pan this looks like a peachy pink, but once swatched you will see it has a lavender to gold quality to it that makes this look very glowy, yet healthy on the cheeks. I love how this give a slight flush but without it going into clown mode. It’s a great blush shade for fair skin.

How does this product swatch?

natascha denona duo glow blush review swatch rayo makeup look fair skin dry skin

This is what I am talking about. Look at how stunning that is! And this is exactly the kind of product I was hoping to find when I set out to try more Natascha Denona cheek products. It is a glowy, very easy to blend product that looks like nothing when you apply it. That may sound like a bad thing, but I love how this looks very natural and just looks like it is part of your face. As shiny as this looks here, with my blush brush this product looks incredibly great on the cheeks. A healthy flush, with a bit of dewy glow: this is exactly what I want in a blush product.

What does this look like on the face?

natascha denona duo glow blush review swatch rayo makeup look fair skin dry skin

Here you can see what I mean that this most definitely works as a blush. This really isn’t that glowy if you blend it in. I love how this looks natural and the more cool toned undertone means this works wonders for my cheeks. It looks healthy, fresh and adds just enough color to bring my cheeks to life. I have been reaching for this a lot as I just love how easy it is to pair with many different looks. No matter the look I am going for: this blush will be a match. If I wear a more warm toned look, the warmer undertones in this blush pull up. If I wear a more cool toned look, the cooler undertone pops up. It’s ingenious.

My final thoughts

natascha denona duo glow blush review swatch rayo makeup look fair skin dry skin

I don’t often say this, but the Natascha Denona Duo Glow in Rayo is a great product that I really feel could be THE blush I keep if I could keep just one. This is exactly what I love in a blush product. And that for a product that isn’t even marketed as being a blush (lol). But on my fair skin, this highlighter is actually great as an everyday blush for a glowy, healthy, natural makeup look that just works no matter what look I am looking to create. And I love a blush that is fool proof no matter what.

Would I recommend the Natascha Denona blush in Rayo?

Yes I would! This is still available from the official Natascha Denona website from what I can tell. I think this product just shows that whenever you buy makeup you need to see how it might work for you. I bought this as a blush, even though it isn’t meant to necessarily be used as such. But I don’t mind, sometimes you just have to make it work for you and that’s exactly why I love this product. I think you may like it too and if you have a deeper skin tone than this can definitely work as a subtle highlighter.

What is a product you don’t use as you should?

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