Lisa Eldridge Luxuriously Lucent, Insanely Saturated & Gloss Embrace swatches

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Drum roll please! Today is the day Lisa Eldridge will be launching new products. She is coming out with 7 new shades in her Luxuriously Lucent line and 3 new shades in the Insanely Saturated lipstick range. I already owned a few of these lipsticks from the previous releases and I had actually planned to do a video with some of these for this month anyway. So when she announced more new lipsticks would be launching today, I figured I could time my video along with the launch of the new shades. Today’s video is therefore filled with swatches, also on my lips, of all the Luxuriously Lucent, Insanely Saturated lipsticks and Gloss Embrace lipglosses I currently own. The new products will launch on the official Lisa Eldridge website today at 5 PM CET.

Lisa Eldridge Lipstick Review // Gloss Embrace, Luxuriously Lucent & Insanely Saturated

Products mentioned:

  • Lisa Eldridge Gloss Embrace Songbird
  • Lisa Eldridge Gloss Embrace Muse
  • Lisa Eldridge Luxurioulsy Lucent Kitten Mischief
  • Lisa Eldridge Luxurioulsy Lucent Dance Card
  • Lisa Eldridge Luxurioulsy Lucent Rose Official
  • Lisa Eldridge Luxurioulsy Lucent Love of My Life
  • Lisa Eldridge Luxurioulsy Lucent Spirited Away
  • Lisa Eldridge Luxurioulsy Lucent Painterly
  • Lisa Eldridge Luxurioulsy Lucent Atomic Cherry
  • Lisa Eldridge Insanely Saturated Rainbow Spill
  • Lisa Eldridge Insanely Saturated Skyscraper Rose
What have you tried from Lisa Eldridge?

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