ZARA Red Temptation fragrance review

zara red temptation eau de parfum review

So 2021 was the year I discovered ZARA fragrances. And one of the most hyped up ZARA fragrances that year? Red Temptation. Raved about as a possible dupe for a much more expensive perfume, I felt that I had to try this. Also because the more expensive alternative is a bit out of my price range and I just wanted to see if it might be worth committing to that higher price point. I have done that in the past, where I will buy a more affordable version first (if available) just to see how I fare. Let’s just say that I didn’t love this enough and now know that I won’t be needing Maison Francis Kurkdjian Baccarat Rouge 540.

Fragrance review: ZARA Red Temptation Eau de Parfum

Let’s discuss the price point of this fragrance first. This retails for €17.95 for 80 mls of product. That isn’t just a steal compared to the original fragrance this is said to dupe, but it is a steal for fragrance period. ZARA perfumes usually are. I have a few that I like a lot and that I find work as well as ‘regular’ perfume, but there are some, like this one sadly, that no matter how much I spritz it just won’t stay with me for long. I might just wear a scented deodorant and get a better result. So for the price point, this doesn’t have any sort of longevity.

What is this fragrance like?

zara red temptation eau de parfum review

According to Fragrantica the scent notes in this are saffron, coriander and bitter orange for the top notes. Middle notes are praline and jasmine and base notes are amber, moss and musk. I don’t know what it is exactly about this that I just don’t love. On me, this smells like a vanilla, even though there is no vanilla in this. It is more like a watered down vanilla chai latte than anything else and overall I find it too sweet and sickly smelling. It also doesn’t project that well. This is not a fragrance that has gotten me compliments when I wear it and overall I don’t even notice I am wearing anything at all.

Will I buy Baccarat Rouge 540?

zara red temptation eau de parfum review

If this is as close of a dupe as people say it is, I know I won’t be well off spending my money on my first niche high end perfume on Baccarat Rouge 540. As hyped up as it is, this isn’t my kind of fragrance. I wanted to love this so much, but it sits on the complete opposite end of the spectrum of what I love in a fragrance (even though the scent notes beg to differ). I did buy a small sample of Baccarat Rouge 540, just to give it a try. While it doesn’t smell anything like the ZARA fragrance on me (thankfully), I am still not €200+ wowed by it to make me want to buy it.

My final thoughts

ZARA Red Temptation may be a hyped up fragrance, but as far as fragrance go this doesn’t rock my boat. From the longevity to the way this scent develops on my skin, I cannot be any more clear but tell you that this smells like cheap perfume on me which border on smelling like air freshner. It is just not a good one that I loved, even though I know ZARA can do some very nice things as I have now experience from some of the other things I tried.

What is a hyped up fragrance that you found disappointing?

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