Tea Time Chat: Why content creators aren’t perfect

tea time chat why content creators cannot be perfect

In today’s video I am doing another ranty tea time chat about a topic I feel isn’t discussed enough: the double standards in place when it comes to the expectations some viewers seem to have of content creators. Combined with the algorithms in play to get content to you, those expectations can lead to a very toxic downward spiral that isn’t exactly a fun, healthy space to keep your creativity flowing. So I wanted to discuss some aspects that I feel are often overlooked, or that as a viewer you may not know about that hopefully now that you do know about it, that you can take that into account when leaving comments or discussing creators online. Hope this one is a fun one as well as a bit educational.

Tea Time Chat // Why content creators cannot be perfect (managing viewer expectations, algorithms & double standards)

How do you feel about creators and what they should do?

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