Essence Fix It Like a Boss brow gel

essence fix it like a boss brow gel review swatch makeup look application drugstore

When it comes to brow gels, my favorites are from the drugstore. My particular favorite? The Essence Make Me Brow! So I know Essence can do a good brow gel. Which is why, whenever they release something new in the brow department, I am curious to see how it performs. This time round, as part of their Fall/ Winter 2022 update, the brand has launched some new brow products. This is the Fix It Like a Boss brow gel. A good clear brow gel is a must have in any brand’s line, so let’s see how it works in today’s review.

Review: Essence Fix It Like a Boss brow gel

Essence has such a good affordable price point, but it does mean that not all products are always great. For me, Essence can be a hit or miss brand, but at €2.95 I really don’t mind trying this even if it doesn’t work for me. And at the end of the day, a brow gel is pretty difficult to do badly. I have personally never found much difference in performance between high end and drugstore brow gels myself, save for shade options on offer. Those tend to be better in higher end ranges, but as far as clear brow gels go, I really don’t feel there is too much of a difference. So let’s start.

What does this brow gel have to offer?

essence fix it like a boss brow gel review swatch makeup look application drugstore

I’m afraid to answer that question by saying: not much. This is a clear brow gel that fixes your brows into place. And it’s not very good at that as you will see in the pictures below. In terms of what I want a clear brow gel to do, I would like it to make my brows last all day, give a bit of definition, but without it feeling like you’ve put hairspray into your brows. This doesn’t really feel like it makes much of a difference and I feel there are a few reasons for that. So fixing your brows like a boss? I don’t feel this brow gel does that.

What does this brow gel do?

essence fix it like a boss brow gel review swatch makeup look application drugstore

Reason number 1 why this brow gel is not doing what it should do? The brush spoolie applicator is far too big. I don’t have anything to show you for scale, but if you watch my first impression video you can see how big this is. It is bigger than your average mascara wand. That means it can be difficult to manoeuver into the brow and get the definition you need. You would need very very bushy thick brows to cover the full lenght of this applicator so I don’t understand it. If the wand was a third of the size of this, I think it would be much better at getting the product into the brow.

How does this apply to the brows?

essence fix it like a boss brow gel review swatch makeup look application drugstore

And I feel precisely because this brow gel has a too big for its purpose applicator, you cann be precise enough. You end up with a lot of product in the tail of the brow, but you’ll struggle applying any product into the beginning of the brow. You simply cannot get the angle you need without smudging it everywhere. Luckily this is clear but you can see hear as well: even when you get it into the brow, you cannot get a very defined brow. This does absolutely nothing for my brows. I might as well skip brow gel instead of using this as I feel it hardly makes a difference. The formula just doesn’t have enough hold to put the brows into place and keep them there.

My final thoughts

essence fix it like a boss brow gel review swatch makeup look application drugstore

The Essence Fix It Like a Boss brow gel does not fix your brows, let alone like a boss. It just is one of those Essence launches that I do not understand. Now if they were to release a clear version of their Make Me Brow I am sure I’d love it, but this is just a no go for me. I don’t know who this would be right for as anyone with brows thick enough to accommodate the brush, would need far more hold in the formula for it to work. So this brow gel is a fail on all fronts.

Would I recommend the Essence Fix it like a boss brow gel?

While I don’t want to hate on a product for being affordable, I think this is one of those products that shows us that affordable makeup can sometimes just be terrible. I would therefore not recommend this product to anyone. It is cheap, so in a pinch I am sure it can see us through the day, but it is not delivering the quality brow product I know Essence can deliver. And that is why I cannot say I would advise anyone to buy this one. You can find better brow products even at this price point and by the same brand.

What are you looking for when looking for a brow product?

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  1. Good detailed and honest review. Much appreciated. 🙏And thanks, I won’t waste my money on this product 🙏

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