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Yes, yes, yes, I know, I know! This review is about a decade too late, but here’s the thing: MAC Fix + just isn’t a makeup holy grail for me like it is for some other people. And by the time I got into it, most people had already moved on from the product and were hyping up other setting sprays. Truth be told, when MAC Fix + was all the rage and the online beauty community couldn’t stop talking about it, I was not a user of setting sprays. I didn’t get into them until a few years ago. So I am very late to party, but that doesn’t mean I can’t review this.

Review: MAC Prep + Prime Fix+ setting spray

With MAC Fix + you now have several options to choose from. Back in the day, there was just the one variation and the original is still for sale. The larger bottle I am showing here retails for €25 for 100ml, but the smaller version I currently have in my makeup collection retails for €14 for 30 ml. Yes, that is more expensive in the long run, but I have my reasonings for only owning the smaller one currently.

What does this setting spray have to offer?

MAC Fix + plus setting spray review makeup

I remember back in the day all the beauty gurus dowsing their face in Fix+. Many would even use the product after every step. I never really got the point of a setting spray at that time. My skin is quite dry and I found that my makeup stayed on well enough without the use of a setting spray. So I had this big bottle for years and I didn’t use it up until I started using this in a different way than a regular old setting spray. That’s right, I don’t use MAC Fix+ as a setting spray. Why and how do I use it then? Read on through.

What I actually use MAC Fix+ for and why you should too?

MAC Fix + plus setting spray review makeup

Setting sprays in general are a bit of a nonsensical makeup product. If you want your makeup to last there are far more effective methods than using a setting spray and it already starts with your skincare routine. A setting spray can give your makeup a bit more longevity and spruce things up after a few hours of wear, but it’s not some holy grail hairspray for your face like product. At least not to me, and definitely not in the case of Fix+.

Fix+ doesn’t really set any makeup. I feel this doesn’t add any hold or longevity. It’s pretty much just water in spray bottle. Granted it does a bit more than just water, but essentially this doesn’t do much for making your makeup last. There are other setting sprays out there that are far better for that. What I use it for? For wetting my makeup brushes. I didn’t like this directly on my face at all and yet I went through an entire 100 ml bottle of this stuff. The key: spraying my makeup brushes if I want to intensify my shimmers. That is what this works very well for and it saves a messy trip to the sink.

Would I recommend MAC Fix+ setting spray?

While the hype has definitely died down, there are still some avid fans for this product. I like this, but not on my face. I don’t know exactly why but I have found I like my setting sprays if they are simply more hydrating. Any spray that claims to be a setting spray has been too drying on my face and it usually clumps up my makeup and makes it look terrible. The MAC Fix+ has earned its space in my makeup collection though, but only in a smaller size as it takes up way too long to use this up if you are only using it for wetting brushes.

Should you buy MAC Fix+?

I would say skip this if you are looking for a setting spray. There are far better setting sprays on the market at a far more affordable price point than this. I mean the Colourpop Pretty Fresh that I love is about as much as the travel size of this but that has 100 ml. And you can’t go wrong with the Catrice Multitalent fixing spray. So is the must have everyone said it was? No, for me it is not, but I still like having one on hand for those days where I want to give my shimmers that extra bit of oomph.

What is your go-to setting spray?

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  1. I like this setting spray. As you say it’s really good for use with eyeshadows to set them for longer, or to get some more deeper colours from your palette – skip it if you’re wanting a face setting spray! It dried my skin out – and I have oily skin!

    Rose | Beauty & Lifestyle Blogger
    @rosemaryhelenxo |

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