Elizabeth + James Nirvana French Grey review

I should really become better at posting my fragrance reviews in a timely manner, rather than waiting until things become nearly impossible to find. This seems to be on its way out, but you can still find it in some places. So let’s chat about the Elizabeth & James Nirvana French Grey fragrance before it is discontinued for real.

Fragrance review: Elizabeth & James Nirvana French Grey

So while this may seem difficult to get I can still find it on some outlet and resell websites. You can still find it, but determining what price this currently goes for is difficult. The retail value of this was pretty high end. I remember only buying a 30 ml bottle as I found it quite a pricey purchase. I can currently find a 30 ml bottle for around the €45 prime point.

What does this fragrance have to offer?

elizabeth + james nirvana french grey fragrance perfume review

Let’s talk fragrance notes! According to Fragrantica this is a blend of Neroli, Lavender and Musk. I personally really like it: it’s a like a soft, long warm hug. Like wearing a cashmere sweater on a cold day, but then in a fragrance. The best description for this is powdery and soft.

I remember this brand (run by the Olsen twins) being raved about a few years ago, but it has gone very quite since. Previously I reviewed the other fragrance I have by the brand: Bourbon. That I feel is like a boozy drink with a hint of sweetness and I wear it a lot to parties/ when going out. This one is more of an everyday scent for me.

Should you purchase this fragrance?

Since this one seems to be on the way out, I don’t think you should still invest in it. One reason why I like it is, is how powdery this is and I feel these powdery soft scents just aren’t really in vogue at the moment. I hope the fragrance trends will pendulum back to the 2015 era when these scents were all the rage. Because I love a powdery scent.

If you know of any good dupes or alternatives to this, then please let me know, because once this runs out I won’t have many true powdery fragrances around any longer.

What is a fragrance you love that has a powdery scent?

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