Palette Review June 2023 // Nomad + K-beauty

It’s the end of the month so we are reviewing some eyeshadow palettes! This round features 6 in total: Nomad Cosmetics Verona and 5 K-beauty palettes by 5 different brands. The K-beauty brands featured are 3CE, Kaja, Romand, Holika Holika and Peripera.

eyeshadow palette review june 2023 nomad cosmetics verona k-beauty romand 3ce holika holika peripera kaja

As you will notice I have decided to no longer feature pictures of the palettes in the blog posts. For two reasons: the pictures are already in the video and I plan on filming shorts with all of my palettes in the months to come and upload those to Youtube and Tiktok. That way we can keep everything in one spot.

Palette Review June 2023 // Eyeshadow palette review incl. swatches & looks

Mentioned in the video:

  • Nomad Cosmetics Verona Amore & Morte
  • Kaja Bentobox Rose Water
  • Peripera All Take Mood Fall in Acorn
  • Romand Better Than Palette Milk Grocery Edition Dreamy Lilac Garden
  • Holika Holika My Fave Mood Eye Palette It’s Neat Collection Neat Knit
  • 3CE Mood Recipe Multi Eye Color Plot Twist

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What do you think of these palettes?

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