Jo Malone Fig & Lotus + Cade & Cedarwood review

One of my all time favorite fragrances? Jo Malone English Oak & Hazelwood. So when I went on the hunt for more green and woodsy fragrances I tracked down the Cade & Cedarwood fragrance and also decided to add Fig & Lotus into the mix. Because the two make for a beautiful pairing.

jo malone fragrance review perfume cologne fig & lotus cade & cedarwood

So today’s fragrance review is a 2 for 1. In fact, I mainly wear these fragrances together. Fig & Lotus disappears on me too quickly if I wear it by itself, but paired with Cade & Cedarwood it turns into a wonderfully longlasting fragrance. Let’s review it!

Perfume review: Jo Malone Fig & Lotus + Cade & Cedarwood

For both of these I got the smaller 50 MLs bottle. I only own one larger size by Jo Malone as I don’t wear the others often enough and I like how the smaller bottles are great for travel. If you want more value for money, the larger 100 ml bottle is definitely a better deal but I have found that since buying these the fragrances have gone up a lot in price. A 50 ml bottle now retails for €62 which used to be €52.

What do these fragrances have to offer?

jo malone fragrance review perfume cologne fig & lotus cade & cedarwood

So I have a few Jo Malone fragrances (and some of the ones she designed for ZARA) and I love most of them mainly when they are layered. I like Wood Sage & Sea Salt in the summer but I prefer warming it up with Dark Amber & Ginger Lily to get more wear out of it year round. The only one I wear consistently by itself year round is English Oak & Hazelnut.

The reason why I went with this combo was simple: I wanted to try more earthy yet fresh fragrances and Jo Malone has quite a few offerings that can fall into that category. That said, they are often limited editions and can be harder to find. I had found online that one store in my home town still had Cade & Cedarwood in stock. It was hiding on the back of the shelf and it was part of the Wild Flowers & Weeds collection a few years ago. I don’t think you can still find it.

What does Fig & Lotus have to offer?

jo malone fragrance review perfume cologne fig & lotus cade & cedarwood

In terms of its scent profile Fig & Lotus is a light and fresh fragrance. It is sweet but not in a sickly way. It has a airiness to it which makes it perfect for the warmer seasons. With just two fragrance notes: fig & lotus it makes for a simple scent that works well, but doesn’t last very long. It does warm up after wearing for a while which is why it makes for a good pairing with the other fragrance as well.

What does Cade & Cedarwood have to offer?

jo malone fragrance review perfume cologne fig & lotus cade & cedarwood

Cade & Cedarwood is also sweet but also a more woodsy and green scent. It has a very warm cozy feel to it, but without it feeling too much like you should be wearing this in the fall season. It packs a far bigger punch than Fig & Lotus as it lacks some of the lightness. This can be a bit heady if I apply too much but I love how it develops on the skin.

With scent notes of cedar, smokey, vanilla and juniper it smells like a walk in the woods while having a glass of whiskey, but without the boozy scent of a lot of booze based fragrances. It has an earthy vibe that combined with Fig & Lotus makes for a much more interesting fragrance than wearing etiher one by itself.

Should you buy these Jo Malone fragrances?

Sadly my favorite of the two Cade & Cedarwood was limited edition and no longer available. So no use trying to track that down, without having to spend a lot of money which would be a shame.

Fig & Lotus can be worth it if you want a very uncomplicated scent that can be great for everyday, but it definitely doesn’t beat my beloved Oak & Hazelnut for sure!

You can buy Jo Malone Fig & Lotus here *.

*Link is affiliated.

What are some fragrances you like wearing together?

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