Kaleidos Tone Activator primer

Eyeshadow primer is such a small but vital step in a makeup routine and after using my favorite Milani eyeshadow primer it was time to try a new one. I revieved the Kaleidos Tone Activator as a free gift with purchase so I thought that could be nice one to try next.

kaleidos makeup tone activator eyeshadow primer review swatch

Kaleidos Makeup may be better known for their eyeshadow palettes, blushes and liquid lipsticks, but they also do this eyeshadow primer, brushes and some stunning highlighters. So if you haven’t tried them yet: they have a good range of products to choose from.

Review: Kaleidos Makeup Tone Activator eyeshadow primer

At €10 this product isn’t horribly expensive. The only place to buy it? Their official website that ships out of China. So you will have to pay for shipping if you decide to buy this, but it’s not horrible and there aren’t any additional costs.

What does this product look like?

kaleidos makeup tone activator eyeshadow primer review swatch

The reason I wanted to try this is because this seems to be an all in one primer. I usually use two: one against creasing and one to block out the color of my lid. However this one is a thin primer that prevents creasing AND it has a bit of pigment to it that helps to block out any redness or veining on the lid. So a win-win right?

Why I didn’t end up loving this product?

kaleidos makeup tone activator eyeshadow primer review swatch

As you can see below, this primer indeeds does both: it ensures your shadows don’t crease, blocks out your lid color and therefore makes your eyeshadow look vibrant and intense but you can still easily blend eyeshadow on top. So you would think I’d love this. So why don’t I?

This irritated my eyes. Not straight away, but I started noticing after using this daily for a week straight that my eyes started to water as I was doing my makeup. The last time I tried this my eyes were irritated to badly that I initially thought it was allergies, but I made the link and just knew it was this. I could barely see after wearing it for an hour.

Why does it irritate my eyes?

kaleidos makeup tone activator eyeshadow primer review swatch

I have a few theories as to why my eyes get so irritated. My eyes can be quite sensitve because I have allergies so my eyes watering isn’t that new to me. Watering to the point where I can barely see and having tears running down my eyes? That was new to me.

However this irritated my eyes much more than it should. I checked the ingredient list and there is nothing here that makes me think it’s the reason why. The texture is very liquidy though and I think what happens is that I need quite a bit of product to block out my lid. Some of the liquid gets in my eyes after applying it and that’s what’s causing the reaction.

Should you buy the Kaleidos Tone Activator?

kaleidos makeup tone activator eyeshadow primer review swatch

While this is a good product as it makes your eyeshadow look intense and really makes your shadow last, it isn’t worth it to me if it irritates my eyes this much. It wasn’t instant and it was a gradual irritation which has me suspect that this isn’t quite right for me.

Maybe if you are less sensitive then this might still work but I will be retiring this and have started using a different eyeshadow primer already. Back to the Milani one it is.

You can shop the Kaleidos Tone Activator primer here *.

*Link is affiliated.

What is your favorite eyeshadow primer?

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