New Catrice Fall/ Winter 2023-2024

The new Catrice drop is here for fall/ winter 2023/ 2024! It took a while to put all of this together because so many of these products were out of stock everywhere. Still, I got my hands on everything I wanted to get my hands on and so today we are doing a first impression.

new catrice fall winter 2023 2024 collection product first impression review

In this first impression review I will be showing you close ups of all the products and swatches. I try as many as I can on my face and I share with you how I feel now that I have seen everything in real life. I will of course be testing out all of these products in the next few months too so keep an eye out for more detailed reviews.

New Catrice Fall Winter 2023/2024 // First impression review incl. swatches of all new Catrice products

Mentioned in the video:

  • Catrice Lip Jam 020 Strawbrr Baby & 060 Honey, I’m Home
  • Catrice Glitter Glam Glow Lip Balm
  • Catrice Endless Pearls primer
  • Catrice Vitamin C Fresh Glow primer
  • Catrice Soft Glam Filter Fluid 010 Fair/ Light
  • Catrice Soft Glam Filter powder
  • Catrice Melted Sun cream bronzer 020 Beach Babe
  • Catrice Magic Shaper Contour & Glow stick 010 Light
  • Catrice Glow Lights highlighter 010 Rosy Nude
  • Catrice Cheek Affair blush & highlighter palette 010 Love at first sight
  • Catrice Air Blush Glow 050 Berry Haze
  • Catrice Wow in a Box eyeshadow palette 010 Peach Perfect
  • Catrice The Cozy Earth eyeshadow palette
  • Catrice Marble-licious liquid lip balm 010 Swirl it don’t shake it, 020 Don’t slurp so loud, 030 Don’t be shaky, 040 Swirl it, twirl it, 050 Strawless Flawless
  • Catrice Glossin’ Glow tinted lip oil 010 Keep It Juicy, 020 Drama Mama, 030 Glow for the Show, 040 Glossip Girl, 050 Spill the tea
  • Catrice Max It Up lip booster extreme 010 Spice Girl, 020 Psst… I’m Hot, 030 Ice Ice Baby, 040 Glow On Me
Which of these products do you want me to review first?

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