London Vlog Pt. 2 Days 3 – 6

I had to split my London vlog into parts! Who knew I had shot so much footage?! I certainly didn’t! So today you are getting an overview of what I did the remainder of my stay.

london travel vlog

For instance, I spent a day in Oxford, in and around Hampstead heath, did some touristy things and went to see another movie. So yeah a mixed bag of different things.

London Vlog Pt. 2 // Days 3 – 6 of my recent London trip

Mentioned in the video:

  • Day 3: Superdrug (on the Strand), National Portrait Gallery, Soho & Covent Garden (incl. some shops), China Town, Leicester Square
  • Day 4: Hampstead & Hampstead Heath, Kenwood House and Pick N Cheese
  • Day 5: Oxford day trip
  • Day 6: Tower Bridge Experience, South Bank, Borough Market, Sky Garden @ the Fenchurch Building (aka the Walkie Talkie)
What is your favorite thing to do in London?

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