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In my search for a fragrance that was a bit different from the usual, I came across Mugler’s Aura. Here’s why I decided to buy this weird scent that really isn’t for everyone.

This is described as a green, woodsy scent with a vanilla mixed in. So how does that work? To have green, fresh notes, combined with warm, creamy notes. Surprisingly well, but this can turn off lots of people.

Perfume review: Mugler Aura

So I am not sure whether this is still available as I can no longer find this at all retailers, but it still seems to be available in some places. I have the 50 ML bottle and this retailed for around €80. However, I mainly use giftcards and only buy fragrance if I can get a deal. So I definitely paid less than that.

According to Fragrantica, these are the notes:

  • Top notes: Rhubarb & Bergamot
  • Middle notes: Green notes, Orange Blossom, Ylang Ylang, Pear
  • Base notes: Bourbon vanilla, Woody notes, Amberwood, Sandalwood, Coumarin

As you can see this starts quite fresh and tart. It definitely has a sharpness in its opening that takes a little getting used to. The sweeter, middle notes, don’t really show up for me, instead it instantly develops into a warm vanilla with a woodsy undertone.

After a while the sharpness disappears and what’s left is a very comfortable warm hug of a fragrance, which is what I love. It is quite a deep fragrance that is different, yet still easy to wear. It lasts a long time too. If I put this on I can still smell it the next day.

I love wearing this when I want to feel something special. This is definitely not an everyday perfume. However, if you love something wearable but that not everyone will be wearing, this is definitely a more unique offering.

You can buy the Mugler Aura fragrance here *.

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What is your favorite special occasion fragrance?

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