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Today I came up with an idea for my blog: to start a series on my different music play lists. As the subtitle of this blog says: I’m a ‘music loving language nut’, that ‘music loving’ is shown by the amount of music I have and listen to. Not a single day goes by without listening to music for a good part of that day.

I have several play lists to organize my music. I have to, simply because I have so much music: almost 250 GB in total of which around 40 GB is made up of individual songs. The rest consists of mainly albums and a classical music collection. The list of individual songs is what I use to make other, more specialized play lists. This big lists serves as my own personal radio station and consists of the following types of music: light Classical music, Jazz, Hip Hop & R&B & Rap, Country, Musical & Soundtrack, songs in foreign languages, songs in Dutch, Rock & Alternative, Singer/Songwriter, Dance  and Pop & Indie (divided by the decade). Especially the latter category is huge as it contains everything that I cannot strictly fit into the other categories.

I regularly reorganize my play lists: I refresh them with songs from the big play list and whenever I have something new that is interesting enough, it will go into a specialized play list. If I simply like the song, but it doesn’t strike me as being all that special, it just goes into the big play list.

The main play list I use is called Random. This is the ‘shortlist’ of the big list. This play list comprises around 800 songs, but the number fluctuates. I try to keep the number below 1000 songs though, as that seems to be an amount of songs that allows me to really list all the songs that I either really like, or am into at that moment. This play list gets a complete make over every 2 months or so. There are a few songs in there that I always seem to like no matter what, what I would call my ‘staple songs’. And those staple songs  are never really deleted from the playlist.

My other play lists are: Relax, Dance, New & I usually also have a play list that changes with the seasons. The Relax play list is just that: songs to relax to. My Dance playlist is really just my gym list, but it also lists songs that I danced to at dance class, or songs that I like to dance to. Pretty much: it lists everything that makes me move. The ‘New’ playlist is also pretty straightforward: it is pretty much the folder in which I stick new songs that I find on youtube, websites, on the charts, or that I encounter when listening to a CD.

The above mentioned play lists are pretty static. I only add to them. Only after months and months I’ll reorganize them. Usually when I get bored with them, or when there are too many songs in the folder. Other play lists that I use are play lists that fit the mood of the season and I still have a Backstreet Boys play list floating around, just so I can reminisce the good old days of BSB fandom.

So, later today you can expect the first post in the series. I think I will start of with a list of songs that are currently floating around in my ‘New’ playlist, or that I have had on repeat for the past couple of weeks. Be on the look out for that tomorrow!

Naturally, the only question that remains to be asked is: what is it that you would like to see in these series? It could be anything: from a list of my fave songs of the 70s, or the shortlist of my most relaxing songs, to the most random thing I have, or from which band/ artist I have the most songs. Just leave a comment to let me know your request and I will see if I can make it happen! Looking forward to receiving your requests!

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  1. Nice blog!

    So…. in your “dance” category, do you have any chillout or chill house, “normal” house or lounge music? Any preferences?

    What kind of dance music do you enjoy most?


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