3 CD Review

Last week I bought 3 new CDs and I thought I’d share my review of them with you. The CDs in this review are:

– Interpol – Interpol

– Tame Impala – Innerspeaker

– The Black Angels – Phosphene Dream

1.) Interpol – Interpol

I was very curious about the fourth album by this indie rock band from New York. Their first two CDs really had me hooked when listening, but the third one I didn’t like that much. My expectations were therefore not that high.

Luckily, Interpol has reconvinced me of their abilities. The vibe of the album reminds me again of first album Turn on the Bright Lights, which is what put Interpol on my radar. The slightly dark and mysterious sound is back in full force, yet this time enforced with stronger drum and guitar lines. For instance, in the track Barricade.

The album is another step forward for the band, as the sound has developed while still sounding like Interpol. The individual tracks make for a good coherent tracklist. At first the tracks are slightly more upbeat (Success), to slowly flow into a more relaxed mood by the end of the album  (All of the Ways).

Interpol’s fourth album still doesn’t reach the level of debut album, however occasional tracks stand out and hit you the right way. If you already like Interpol, than this album will certainly not disappoint.

Favorite track: Lights.

2.) Tame Impala – Innerspeaker

This first album by psychedelic rock band Tame Impala breathes nothing but airiness and relaxation. The four man Australian band manages to take you back to the 60s/ 70s in 2010. The tracks are all influenced by bands like The Beatles, Cream, The Shadows, and Jefferson Airplane, infused with a hint of folk and triphop.

The songs all have hypnotizing melodic feel to it: it takes you to another time & place. It’s like friendly clouds passing across the sky on a sunny day. It’s like hot chocolate after a rainy day. It’s the type of music that makes you forget about everything else.

The album sounds more like an elaborate, well-organized jam session than a studio album. I happen to like jam sessions. All I can say is that Tame Impala has me yearning for more with their debut album.

Favorite track: Desire Be Desire Go

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3.) The Black Angels – Phospene Dream

Another CD from a psychedelic rock band,  The Black Angels hail from Austin, Texas, and Phosphene Dream is their third album to date. The band draws heavily from The Velvet Underground: their name is derived from a song and even the logo shows similarity. Also musically there’s a similarity: Alex Maas’ voice has been compared to Lou Reed’s.

Phosphene Dream lacks the dreamy overtones of the CD discussed above, yet the album excels at conjuring the vibe of the 70s. Whereas Tame Impala’s album sounds like a well-organized jam session, this CD actually sounds as if it was recorded in the 70s. The grinding guitars and raw thumping drums are quite similar to some songs by the Black Keys, only minus the folk influence.

The album has quite a few songs that sound very similar, but that is not a bad thing in this case. In fact, it’s the strength of the album. It makes for a consistent album which therefore becomes more accessible.

Favorite track: River of Blood.

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