30 Day Blog Challenge

There is a list that has been going round blogs for the past couple of months. This list includes 30 items that you will blog about for 30 days: one blog per day. I thought I would like to take up this challenge and start blogging for 30 days according to the list  below. The list is fixed, but I did change it round a bit, to fit my interests. It’s a combination and mix up of three different lists I found on several blogs. I probably won’t stick to just 30 days. If something else that’s blog worthy pops up in between, than that goes first and the list will move a day, or maybe two. But, starting Monday October 11th I will be blogging about the following topics:

1.    15 facts about me

2.    My favorite song

3.    A recent photo and a photo from 10 years ago

4.    My favorite movie

5.    What’s in my bag/ purse?

6.    My favorite book

7.    My day in detail

8.    My favorite quote

9.    How important is education

10.  My favorite painter

11.  My hobbies

12.  A photograph of the town I live in

13.  My favorite cake recipe

14.  My favorite vacation

15.  My favorite songs that match a certain mood

16.  A photo of the last item I bought

17.  What I wore yesterday

18.  What’s in my make up bag?

19.  My favorite musician

20.  A photo of somewhere I’ve been to

21.  My favorite TV show

22.  Something I don’t leave the house without

23.  My celebrity crush

24.  A photo of something that means a lot to me

25.  Three good things that have happened in the past 3 months

26.  My favorite memory

27.  What I’m currently reading

28.  My favorite place

29.  My wish for the future

30.  What has been going on this month

Which topic are you looking forward to reading most?

Feel free to join me and start your own 30 day challenge!

14 responses to “30 Day Blog Challenge”

  1. Lists like this make it fun to blog right? 😉 (when I used to blog, I had the hardest time comming up with subjects, so this is ideal!)

  2. Yep that’s right it makes it easier to come up with ideas. And if I feel like writing about something else I’m gonna do just that! I will finish the list though!

  3. Before I’m going to comment on your blog, I have (got??? :p) to warn you that my English writing skills are not that good… (I’m a little bit worried about that, especially now that a friend of mine is an English teacher 😉 ) So forgive me if I make grammatical mistakes, if I’m not correct in spelling the words or if I use terms in combinations that don’t exist. (Or if I throw some Dutch language in between). I’m just trying 😉

    I’m looking forward to your blogs. Really, really nice topics! Especially 1, 3, 5, 18, 24, 25, 26 and 29 awake my curiousity.

    Well, enjoy writing and I’m looking forward to your blogs. I’d like to start such a 30 day challenge too, but I don’t have a blog so at this moment this won’t happen I’m afraid 😉

    • Don’t worry! Plenty of people who comment on here aren’t native speakers. Heck, I’m not a native speaker and even if I was there would be plenty of mistakes to be found as well. Just have fun!

  4. Aw nice you made your own little list 🙂 That is really awesome 🙂 Can’t wait to read all of them, particularly the ones about music, of course 🙂

    • I did the same thing hun. I just googled a few different lists and took from those what I liked, because the first one I found, just wasn’t my cup of tea as well. I’m not sure whether you’re technically allowed to change it. Ya know, according to the rules of the original challenge. But I just thought it would be more fun to have my own list so it will also involve things that I like to blog about.

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