My Pink Mission: up till now & NOTW

As you have been able to read on Monday, I am trying to add something pink to every outfit for a month to support Pink Ribbon & Breast Cancer Awareness Month. So far so good I would say. Here’s what I’ve done so far:

– On both Monday & Tuesday, I wore pink eyeshadow

– Wednesday featured a pink dress & a pink flower in my hair

– On Thursday & Friday, I wore a pink t-shirt with blue jeans and pink sneakers

– Yesterday I wore a grey sweater with a pink print, a pink tank top that showed underneath, jeans and again my pink sneakers.

As of today, I’m gonna be set for the rest of the week, as I just painted my nails in these lovely colors:

Sorry about the blueness, but this is the only picture I managed to take that showed a color difference between all shades.

– thumb: Fuchsia Quartz by Sephora

– index: Pink ‘Jip & Janneke’ by Hema

– middle: Hip Hop by Sephora

– ring: That’s Berry Daring by OPI

– little: Pop Candy by ELF

I used Koh! Matt! as a top coat to get the frosted look.

Have you been wearing any pink this week?

3 responses to “My Pink Mission: up till now & NOTW”

  1. Actually, my summer jacket is pink 🙂 so every day I was outside, I wore pink 🙂 (actually it’s fuchsia, but who cares?)

  2. I have been wearing a lot of pink, whether it be a bra or just a hint of pink in my shirt. Right now I painted my toe nails pink, cuz my nails need a break from polish. Well done!

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