Blog Challenge Day 4: My favorite movie

I actually already wrote about my favorite movie a little while ago, when I wrote a post about Into the Wild. In light of the challenge, I think it is only fair, however, that I do write a completely new post on another movie that really touched me. This movie would be Remember Me starring Robert Pattinson, Emily de Ravin, Chris Cooper and Pierce Brosnan in the lead roles.

I had a pretty hard time trying to think of another movie that I really liked besides Into the Wild, since I don’t watch a whole lot of movies. I find them way too time consuming. This movie, is in no means a big one, yet it is a heartbreaking and real story. Set in late spring/ early summer of 2001, Tyler (Pattinson) finds himself being against everything that life stands for: he has a strained relationship with his father (Brosnan), he doesn’t really go to school and works a job at a bookstore, while living in a shabby apartment with his friend Aidan in New York City. He often goes to a coffee shop to write to his brother, Michael, who committed suicide on his 22nd birthday. On a night out, he gets busted by a cop (Cooper) in every sense of the word. His friend Aidan then sees this cop dropping off his daughter at school: Ally (de Ravin). Aidan comes up with the brilliant idea for Tyler to hook up with Ally to get back at the cop. Yet, of course Tyler gets too involved with Ally and eventually falls in love with her. Then at the end of the story a very sad twist of fate ends the blossoming relationship despite the difficulties in both Tyler’s and Ally’s lives.

There are a few other story lines playing in the story, apart from the Tyler & Ally relationship, which I think works out tremendously well. It’s set in New York City, which is a plus for me, but the main reason why I like this movie so much is the score. The music is what makes this movie work.

So, if you haven’t seen it already, make sure you watch this sad, yet in the end hopeful story, about love, family, and relationships.

Watch the trailer:

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