Blog Challenge Day 5: What’s in my bag?

Can you still call this a purse? I think it’s a bit too big for that, so I’ll just call it a bag. I know some of you would like to know what I have in my bag. Well, here it is! I only just got home and had to unpack my bag anyways, so I thought I would give you all a peek. Instead of taking pictures of all the stuff I carry around on a daily basis, I’ve decided to film it, cuz I’m a bit too tired right now to be taking pictures and making sure the lighting is alright and everything. Here it goes:

I spend a lot of time away from home: on trains, at work, or at school, hence the load of stuff that I take with me. I wouldn’t be able to bear two 1,5 hour train rides on a daily basis if I didn’t bring some stuff with me to do. Staring out of the window every day gets kinda old after a while. I hope this has given you guys an idea of the stuff I carry around on a daily basis.

Music in the background: The Beatles. I just bought a 4CD collection with Beatles’ music and am totally stoked about it. I didn’t own any of their stuff on CD yet!

P.S. I apologize for any language mistakes in that vid. I watched it before uploading it and I notice I did correct myself a few times, but I’m pretty sure there’s gotta be a few other mistakes that have slipped in there.

6 responses to “Blog Challenge Day 5: What’s in my bag?”

  1. You’re the only Dutch person ever that I like listening too cuz of your accent. Other Dutch people’s accents make me cringe. Even if they try to get the American accent down, EEEK. Yours sounds natural.

    Anyways, on topic: love your bag. Not a fan of the color but I love big bags that have enough space to basically carry everything in you need.

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