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Today marks my 15th consecutive day of blogging, which means after today I’m half way through with the challenge. And what better way then to share with you the songs I like to play when I’m in certain moods. I’m pretty tired after a full day of shopping (it’s a sport), so I’m gonna keep it short and just post the mood + song + audio/video to that song. So here it goes!

Happy: Johnny Flynn – Tickle Me Pink

This young Brit folk artist isn’t new to this blog. I already named another of his songs (The Water ft. Laura Marling) in my post on ‘Songs of the moment‘. This song is from his first album (A Larum) and it’s my ULTIMATE happy song. It’s cheerful, and just always makes me smile no matter what. Includes a brilliant chorus: Pray for the people inside your head/ for they won’t be there when you’re dead. Watch the video below.

Cool: Mike Posner – Cooler than Me/ Lupe Fiasco – Superstar

I can’t chose between these two songs. I’m not big on R&B/ Hiphop type songs. At all. But these two stick out for some reason. The Mike Posner song is pretty straightforward. The link is to a different version though, but I’m too tired to find the version I have been listening to all summer. The lyrics are brilliant. The other song is already a few years old. I am especially loving the chorus in this one. I used to watch this live version all the time, from some award show and at the end the lead singer of former rock band Fall Out Boy joined in, however I can’t seem to find that either. I blame Youtube.

Party: Rihanna – Don’t Stop the Music

I know, I know, this song samples Michael Jackson’s Wanna be Starting Something, but this song gets me moving! Ultimate club song

Confused: Blue October – The Weight of the World

Dark and powerful song. Talking about being in a rut and not even understanding yourself, I guess it speaks to pretty much everyone, because everyone has their wounds and difficulties to get through in life. The live version of this song (which is on Blue October’s album Foiled Live) is simply breathtaking. It’s raw and uncomplicated. Just a song to listen to so you don’t feel like you’re the only one in this world with problems.

This mess I’ve made of someones dream
Now you’ve seen what I’ve done,
when the weight of all the world’s gone wrong again

Dancy: Lady Gaga & Beyoncé – Telephone/ Chris Brown – Can I Transform Ya

Again, torn between two. When I feel like dancing, and I mean really dancing, not just bouncing around my room for a bit, no really dancing my tush off, I usually play these two songs. In my opinion Telephone is the best dance song of 2010. Period. And I love the Chris Brown song. It’s so full of accents and things you can play around with when you dance that it never gets boring. Only bad thing about that track is that it has Lil Wayne on it. However, both videos are sick and there’s some great routines floating around on Youtube  to both tracks.

Sad: Sinead O’Connor – Scarlet Ribbons

A sad sad song, yet enchanting at the same time, made extra fragile by Sinead O’Connor’s voice. My mom used to play this for me when I was little. And yes, I also had some ‘scarlet ribbons’ for MY hair.

Relax: The XX – Crystalised/ Kinsbury Manx – Greenland

My two ultimate songs to unwind to. The XX has pretty much become my favorite band of 2010. No lie. Crystalised is an amazing song. All there songs are very minimalistic in its setting and this one just excels in it. Kingsbury Manx is very different though, but I just love the flow of the song. It cobbles along like a little creek on a sunny afternoon. At least, that’s what it makes me think of.

Chill: Simian Mobile Disco – Sleep Deprivation

This song was mentioned before as well. Great build up in this song. I could put this under ‘relax’ as well, but it’s a little to upbeat for that. So I’m sticking it under Chill instead.

Nostalgic: Backstreet Boys – Undone

Best Backstreet Boys song EVER. And I put this under ‘nostalgic’ because despite not being a huge fan anymore, this song just takes me right back to my crazy days of fandom. It’s Backstreet at their finest: great vocals, great beat, and great vibe.

Crazy: Britney Spears – Do Something

Brit Brit’s craziest song ever I think. It’s fun, good to dance to and out there. This is the type of song that makes me want to own a pair of pink knee highs, baby blue boy shorts and a matching tank top. Then put that on, put my hair in pig tails on each side of my head and then sing along as loud as I can into a hair brush.

Angry: Nickelback – Burn it to the Ground

Don’t say anything just yet! Yes, I know! Nickelback is like the Creed of our generation: safe, main stream rock music, that on the whole is very uninspiring. This song isn’t, trust me. I came across this song during Combat class at the gym, where we had to pretend to bust someone’s face in, and after that we also threw in some high kicks. Awesomely enough, it works. In short: this is a great song when you want to start punching holes.

Tell me: what are your favorite songs when you’re in a certain mood?

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