Blog Challenge Day 17: What I wore yesterday

I can’t really say anything interesting about this, because yesterday I decided to just throw on some clothes. It was one of those: f$%& it! It’s vacation and I’m not going to bother with looking cute days. I have those from time to time. Especially on weekends and when I’m on a break from work. Don’t get me wrong. I CAN look cute and all, but sometimes, I just don’t feel like it. Yesterday, was one of those days. Blogging about what I wore yesterday will not be all that interesting, I’m afraid. That would literally add up to a one sentence description: pink sweater with blue jeans. That’s it! How boring huh?

That’s why today, I’m taking a bit of a break. It’s my vacation afterall. And I have no inspiration for another blog whatsoever. So, today means a break and I will be back in full throttle tomorrow when I will blog about what’s in my make up bag. See you then?

In the mean time you can still post in the comments what it is you wore yesterday!

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