Blog Challenge Day 18: What’s in my make up bag?

I don’t have a make up bag. I do have make up though. I only use a make up bag when I’m traveling. Other than that, I have it all neatly stored in my room, because too much make up to fit into a make up bag. So I assemble a make up bag, whenever I need one. My initial idea for this blog was to do an updated make up stash video. I made one in July, and I have some new stuff, but there’s also more stuff I still want to get, and I don’t want to have to go and make another new video every week. That’s why I’ve decided to make a new vid at the end of the year, around Christmas let’s say, or whenever I feel I should update it. Right now, it just wouldn’t be interesting enough. Instead, I’ve opted to show you what I would take me, was I to travel. This will be a picture blog!

I would definitely have the basics in my on-the-go make up kit. So here it goes.


For eyes I will always bring: a mascara, an eyeshadow primer, and something to highlight areas. Plus I would bring some basics to throw together a quick look. That would definitely require eyeliner and something to define my eyebrows.

Dior Iconic Extreme Mascara (in black), Too Faced Shadow Insurance, Benefit Eye Bright and Benefit Ooh La Lift

MAC Paintpot (in Bare Study), Dior Eyeliner Pencil (in black), Guerlain Kohl Me Brown

The Body Shop Clear Eyebrow Gel, Benefit Instant Brow Eyebrow Pencil

I’d probably also include a miscellaneous eyeshadow and something to highlight my brow bone. I especially like this smokey eye kit by Benefit. As it has everything you need when you’re on the go! This one, is new however, and that seems to be a smart little toolkit for on the go as well! I may have to get that some time!


Again, I would bring something to prime my lips so make my lipstick or lipgloss last longer. And of course some pretty colors to smack on: something bright and something neutral.

Too Faced Lip Insurance & Too Faced Borderline

Bourjois Color 3D Lipgloss (no.23) , Max Factor Max Effect Lip Gloss (in ivory), Chanel lipstick (in Rouge Orage), Maybelline lipstick i(n Amber Rose)


For face stuff, I wouldn’t fuss too much. Just a concealer, something that will calm down those bags under your eyes after a night out and a blush to brighten up those cheeks. No foundations and skin powders since I don’t find those handy when traveling. I tend to be out A LOT during the day and will have to apply sunblock all the time (SPF 15 is NOT enough to keep me from frying) especially on my face. Therefore, the fewer stuff I chuck on it, the better.

Benefit Lemon Aid (to conceal those bags), Erase Paste (to conceal some more), Blush (here by Sleek Make Up in coral)

Question: What’s in YOUR make up bag?

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