Blog Challenge Day 27: October Favorites

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I changed the topic for today’s blog. Why? Because I only just started reading a new book, but haven’t read enough to really tell you something about it. That’s why, if you google it, or go to Amazon, you’d find out probably even more than me telling you about Colum McCann’s Let the Great World Spin.

Instead, I’ve decided to do another vlog. This time about my October favorites!

These are mostly non-beauty related. Here’s my list (not discussed in this order in the video):

1. scarves

2. hair bands

3. my favorite new sweater

4. Twining peppermint & eucalyptus tea

5. leg warmers

6. Rosebud Salve

7. nail polish

8. Stephen Fry – MOAB is my washpot

9. The Black Angels – Phosphene Dream

10. Beatles – Greatest Hits type CD

If you want to know more about these items, check the video!

What’s the item you’ve discovered last month?

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