Blog Challenge Day 26: Favorite memory

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Wow, day 26 already! I’m nearing the end here folks! It’s been a long run, but I kept going, despite that little hiccup last week when I was just a bit too lazy to really be bothered by typing up an entire post. Right now, I’m also extremely tired and I’m desperate for lounging on the couch watching Dexter, so today will be short but sweet.

Luckily, I’ve had a good life so far, so I have tons of memories to chose from: from meeting my favorite band, to going to university and obtaining a degree, to going on exchange and living in the USA for a few months. However, if I have to chose my favorite memory, that is not what I would chose from. By now, you’ll probably know that I’m quite a sentimental person. Therefore, my favorite memory is quite sentimental as well. See, the reason why I’ve had such a good life, is because I’m from a loving and caring family who have always been there for me, support me in the choices I make and really let me be me most of the time. That is why my favorite memory is NOT something I’ve done in recent years, no for that, we’ll have to go back to my childhood. The picture below, already gives you a clue of what’s to come.

My mom was a part time stay at home mom. Meaning, she worked, but only at the times when we were in school. She kept this up until my brother went to high school. By that time, she figured we were both old enough to take care of ourselves and it was only then when she got a ‘real’ job. I was probably 15-16 at this time. This meant that for a long time, my mom was home when I got home: for breakfast and lunch, as well as after school. And it’s this after school time that I remember most vividly.

For as long as I went to school and I have to admit, she sometimes still does this, my mom would be waiting at the table with tea and cookies and she’d ask me about my day. She would ask about school, we’d talk about friends and family, just normal every day things. I think it’s one of the reasons why she knows me so well. It’s almost creepy sometimes how good she is at gauging my moods and just general state of mind. Through this I also know that I can tell her anything at any time.

I think that through those afternoon teas my mom and I really bonded. And despite her being a bit nosy with some of those questions or giving me major TMI moments when I was a teenager (at least they seemed like it at the time), she has always enabled me to find stuff out for myself. She knows exactly when something is going on before I even know it. Till this day 3 PM is tea time for my mom and when I go round to visit my parents and I arrive on time, she will stay wait for me to come home. And you know what? I wouldn’t miss it for the world!

Question: what’s your favorite memory?


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  1. fantasyandrealityfight Avatar

    Ahh, vind het echt lief dat dat je favo herinnering is 🙂 Plusje voor jou mam!

  2. Petra Avatar

    Lief 🙂
    Wat is TMI? :-S

    1. indiequeen84 Avatar

      @Petra Too Much Information

      En ja mijn mama is ook gewoon heel lief, al kan ik dr af en toe wel schieten. Maar goed, daar is het je moeder voor!

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