Blog Challenge Day 25: Three good things

Today’s topic is three good things that have happened to me in the past three months. My three things are: starting university, having a break & planning next year’s vacations.

As you´ll probably know by now, I´ve just gotten myself back to university to start a Reseach Master Language & Communication. The one thing I love to do is learn new things. I think, as people be learn every day, but I had started to crave a more detailed and substantial type of learning. That is why I proposed to go back to school. I quickly found what I wanted and I couldn’t be happier when I found out my application had been accepted in May.

So in September I started again and I’ve been juggling work & school ever since. It’s sometimes kinda though, but it’s definitely worth it so far. I do notice that there’s a big difference between being in university now and when I did my first Master’s a few years ago. It’s a big difference that I already know how things work. It does make for a few less interesting classes, since most introductory classes also run some info about how to write a paper or a review. But so far, I’ve been very happy to be back in school.

Last week I had fall break, from both uni & work. I did some shopping, visited my parents, went to a few concerts, crocheted a scarf, and did some reading. I organized my music files and I also watched some Dexter. Other than that I’ve just been plain lazy as well. That’s what breaks are for and that’s how I used it: no work, no school, just chilling, doing stuff for me!

I also planned two trips for 2011. I’m going to London (once again) & Dublin. I’m going with a good friend of mine with whom I also traveled to Berlin this year. We haven’t set dates yet, but we’ll be hitting up London in May and Dublin during summer. I like having something to look forward to: it gets me through those dark & dreary day of winter. Hopefully, if money allows it, I’ll be able to make a trip to Barcelona later in the year as well. So lots of stuff to look forward to.

Question: What are you looking forward to in 2011?

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  1. Oh you’re just like me, I must have something to look forward to when these cold days come around. I am moving to a bigger and more beautiful house on January 1st 2011. So that is one thing. I cannot wait to start decorating, painting and all that!! And I also can’t wait to pass my first year of college, so excited 🙂

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