Should I get a Kindle?

This morning on the train there was a man sitting next to me with a digital e-book reader. I’ve been seeing these popping up from time to time. I even overheard a conversation of people who were using the e-book software on their Ipad. I find it an intriguing devise, and I am a bit of a gadget freak, but I’m wondering what the added value of having a Kindle or e-reader would be for me.

I love to read, I really do, but sometimes it is just such a hassle to drag around books in your bag. It’s not just the weight it adds to my bag, but also the space it takes up. Especially with bigger books it can be a challenge to even fit them in there, not to mention the damage done to books when they’re in a bag along with some other stuff. I hate it when my books look old and tatty, with peeling covers and broken spines.

With a Kindle or any other type of e-book reader that would certainly be a thing of the past. But I just can’t help but wonder whether you actually get the same or a similar experience reading an e-book as when you’re reading an actual book. There is just something about turning an actual page that has kept me away from purchasing yet another devise which would be floating around my bag. Because that’s the problem: I’m already carrying a smart phone, MP3-player and a netbook with me every single day. And all those things have to be charged in order to work and one of the reasons why I’m carrying a book in the first place is to have something to do on the train if all else fails.

I have read about e-book software being available for regular computers, but I think a glossy screen or even the matte one on my netbook will only hurt and tire my eyes after reading for a little while. The thing about an e-book reader is that it sort of looks like an actual paper page. It seems to be a lot more resistent to glares from sunlight, and you can turn a page with just a click of a button. And I’m thinking that with software on my netbook I’d still have to scroll or w/e to get it to work.

So to me, an e-book seems very handy and a good alternative to regular books. Another nice perk about e-books is that you can find books for free if they have passed their copyright period. So all books prior to 1900 can be downloaded for free. Meaning you can download all Sherlock Holmes stories or the complete works of Shakespeare without paying a single penny.

My question to you obviously is: Should I buy an e-book reader? Do you think it has any added value? And is there anyone out there that already has one and could tell me a bit more about them?

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  1. Hey hun,

    I’ve just recieved one through the post – it’s not for me, it’s for my brother in law, but I do have to set it up and all. So in a few days, I’ll have more information on one.

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