Recipe: Potato wedges w/ turnip & steak of tartar

I tend to be a pretty on the fly cook. I just open up all of my cupboards and throw things together to make a meal. I’m the same when I go food shopping. I sometimes have no idea what I’m going to cook, so I just see what they have on offer and try to meal out of it. A few weeks ago my supermarket had bags of pre-cut turnip lying about and I had never had turnip before in my life. Since I didn’t even know how to prepare it, I just went out on a whim and decided to pair it with potato wedges and steak of tarter. I went with potatoes since turnip seemed like a hard veggie to me, so to then pair it with either rice or pasta seemed not such a good choice to me. I love steak of tartar as it is leaner than beef and thus not so greasy. Here’s how I went about turning it into a meal.


– Potato wedges (they sell them in bags here, either fresh or frozen, I think I used the frozen one)

– Turnip (pre-cut, they looked liked fries, only slimmer, of course you could buy turnip and cut it yourself)

– 2 steaks of tartar

– rosemary (as much as you like)

– thyme (as much as you like)


Cooking couldn’t be any more simple than this! You need one large frying pan, and grease it with some olive oil, make sure your pan is nice and hot. Throw in the turnip & potato wedges as they need some time to cook. Add some rosemary & thyme. I just used the dried kind from a little jar for this. Stir from time to time so everything heats up at an equal rate. Break up the steak of tartar in a separate bowl so it looks like ground beef. Add to the rest of the dish in the pan when the turnip is almost cooked. Steak of tartar can go really dry really quickly when you cook it, that’s why you add it all the way at the end, so it won’t ruin your dish. Add pepper & salt to taste.

Et voilà. It’s that simple. I think this entire dish takes you about 15 minutes to throw together, especially when you buy prepared turnip & potatoes.

Q: Do you know of any quick and easy, yet tasty dishes?

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