EOTD: Red & Browns

If you read my tweet yesterday morning, you’ll know that I was quite satisfied with my eye make up. Whenever I do my make up I tend to focus on my eyes, as I like that part best so I really want to make them pop. I usually wear colors that compliment my eye color, but sometimes I decide to match my eyeshadow with my outfit. That is what I did today. I was wearing a dark blue denim long sleeved dress, with dark blue pantyhose. I matched it with bright red heels, a narrow red belt high around my waistline and a reddish eye look. On these pictures it really reminds me of an EOTD I did a while ago, but it’s a lot brighter than that one. To show you some of that brightness, I decided to take pictures with and without the flash turned on on my camera.

^^ No flash

^^ Flash.

(Sorry bout the sleepy eye in the first one, camera flashes do such a thing)

So yeah, that’s what it sort of looks like. The with flash one is closer to the color it actually looks like in r/l, but with it being night time and me not having the right lighting, this is the best I can do right now. On top of that, I put this on at 7 AM in the morning and pictures were taken around 7 PM, so it’s been sitting there for 12 hours. I didn’t feel like touching up before taking pics though. And notice, how I haven’t plucked my eyebrows… Yup, still need to do that too, but I’m a lazy plucker lolz.

Curious to see what I did? Here’s what I used:

I started off with MAC paint pot in Painterly and applied it from lid to brow.

Then I took a NYX jumbo pencil in Rust and applied it to just my eye lid.

Next, was the 120 color palette and I used a bright red.

(It’s the fourth color from the right in the second row from the bottom)

Time for shadows. I first applied NYX single eyeshadow in Rust to the inner half of my eye lids with a shader brush

With the same shader brush I applied NYX single eyeshadow in Walnut on the other half of my eye lids.

I then took out a pencil brush and applied NYX single eyeshadow in Rootbeer to my outer V and into the crease line to give it more depth.

Last but not least, I took my shader brush again and dabbed a little bit of Sephora single eyeshadow in Lucky Penny to the center of my eye lids.

(Colors pictured counter clockwise, starting at the top left corner)

I used a matte white eyeshadow (mine is from The Bodyshop, pictured on the left) to highlight my brow bone.

I highlighted my inner corner with the creamy color on the right.

Naturally, I also filled in my brows, added a dark brown eye pencil to my waterline and some black mascara to finish off the eyes. For blush I used a very natural glowy color: Benefit’s Sugarbomb face powder. For lips, I also went with a pop of color: Maybelline’s Color Sensational lipstick in Coral Fire. Et voilà, finished.

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