London & Edinburgh: Here I Come!

On Wednesday I finally got the news I had been waiting for! I get to go on a study trip to Edinburgh as a supervisor for work. I have been to Edinburgh before and it’s a lovely city so I’m totally stoked. I had already planned on going to London in May and I knew the study trips would be the week after my London trip. The duration of that London trip however, depended on when and where the study trip would exactly take me. I don’t know the exact times of travel for my study trip just yet, but I know they’ll most likely leave Holland on the 9th by bus and take a night boat to England, meaning they’d arrive there on the 10th. Since I wanted to stay in London till at least the 6th or the 7th I decided to just go all out and link the two trips together. It would be so much more exhausting to travel back and forth.

I have no specifics yet on Edinburgh, as I just get to play tag along with an already set program. As for London there are a few plans, which of course includes tons of shopping! But also seeing a play at the Globe Theater, catching a West End show, and visiting the Tate Gallery and Greenwich for the first time. I also plan on doing lots of walking just like last time and hopefully this time I get to make it to the Docks and Camden, as I’ve never been there as well. I’ll have plenty of time to do it all, as I’ll be leaving on the May 1st and go to Edinburgh on the 10th. So that’s 9 days to wander around and explore the city!

So why am I completely stoked right now? Well I just booked our hotel for the 5 days my friend is coming a long (he has to go on a study trip to Rome and leaves on the 6th) and then I’ll have another 4 just for myself in the same hotel. The hotel I booked is the Arosfa Hotel on Gower Street, around the corner from the British Museum. It’s a pretty small hotel with only 17 rooms and it seems to be a pretty reasonable hotel. All that’s left is to book the flight, which I’ve already looked into, but due to credit card limitations, I can’t book it till next week.


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