Some more gems produced by students

A few months ago I posted on some of the wonderful English mistakes my students came up with during their exams. It’s that time again. Last week, my students had to sit another exam and here’s some of the wonderful language gems they came up with. Note: even I, a teacher, with every wish to understand them, sometimes don’t know what it is they’re trying to say. It’s okay if you don’t.

  • an organization that apply themselves for illiteracy
  • please take attention (I’m think this means: please note…)
  • make fantasies come alive
  • Winter Wonderland has been preferred of the best park of the UK
  • The events where helt (were held)
  • From the latest Prom night at the Shilton Hotel will be tickets obliged
  • Never have met the santa but always has the wish for it
  • It’s now you’re change to met him (it’s now your chance to meet him)
  • You will be entertained through special artist
  • serveral (several)
  • Make it yourself easy (Dutch: maak het jezelf makkelijk)
  • unaunce (announce)
  • elexcions (elections)

Luckily for me, they actually didn’t do a bad job at all. I only have a handful of students who really failed their exams. So yay for them doing a good job!

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