Haul post: MAC, Benefit, Lush, Zara & Bershka

If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll know that I went on a bit of a shopping spree yesterday. I had to go to The Hague to visit my allergy doctor for another shot to get rid of my hayfever and I desperately wanted to go to MAC. Since Leiden doesn’t have one, I decided to combine my doctor’s appointment with some shopping.

My goal for the shopping spree was to get the limited edition fluidline in dark diversion from the MAC Stylishly Yours collection. However, when I got to the MAC counter in The Hague, they told me that they are only selling it at the PRO store over here. The only MAC PRO store is located in Amsterdam, so after my shopping spree in The Hague, I went to Amsterdam, because I was planning on not going anywhere today. My original plan was to go shopping for about 2 hours. In the end, it took me 5 hours, two cities and 4 different trains. Oh well, you sometimes have to make a few sacrifices if you really want something right? It was worth it in the end. The PRO store still had the fluidline, even though at first it seemed like it had already sold out. There were only three left PLUS I now know which eyeshadows I would like to buy to fill the rest of my MAC eyeshadow palette.

Anywayz. Enough of my rambling. Let me show you what I bought!

Benefit Bella Bamba blush, MAC Ravishing Cremesheen lipstick, MAC Dark Diversion fluidline

I got off the tram and wanted to go the MAC counter at Bijenkorf, but that tram exit leads straight into V&D, where they have Sephora. Naturally, I couldn’t just pass up on that. Benefit has a new blush shade and it’s a lovely peachy color with some shimmer. They also had a 15% off deal, so I ended up not paying full price for it. At the MAC counter in The Hague I also bought the lipstick. As told before, I bought the fluidline at the PRO store in Amsterdam. Dark diversion is a very pretty dark reddish brown color, like a really dark maroon. It’s very similar in color to a MAC eyeshadow called Sketch.

Since it’s the end of January, sale is still going on strong over here. It’s usually at the end of the sale period that I find the cutest clothes. I bought some earrings and necklaces on sale a few weeks ago, but I hadn’t bought any clothes whatsoever. Yesterday’s shopping spree was however, super successful for clothing. I went to ZARA and Bershka, two brands which are not sold in Leiden, which is why I decided to pop in there for a bit. I found two shirts at ZARA, a sweater and two pairs of colored pants at Bershka. This is actually the first I bought anything from Bershka. Usually their stuff doesn’t fit me at all, or it looks really cute on the rack and hideous on me. So, I felt a bit euphoric that I actually did find something this time.

ZARA: t-shirt

Zara:  longsleeve (sorry about the blurry picture)

Bershka:  baggy knitted sweater

Bershka:  rust colored skinny pants

Bershka: mustard colored skinny pants

I actually saw those pants already on a previous shopping spree in October, but didn’t buy them. I thought they were nice, but not nice to be paying full price for them. They were now reduced by 75% off of their original price, which is why I got two! The red is still a nice color to be wearing right now, whereas the mustard color is also a nice color for spring. The sweater and shirts were on sale too and are just some nice casual items to wear for spring or summer. The sweater is too thick to be worn right now, but I’ll wear that again next winter. However, winter isn’t over yet, so it may still come in handy.

Lush: Honey I washed the Kids soap & Sugar Scrub

My final stop before leaving The Hague was Lush. I really liked the soap when I was there for the first time last summer, but wanted to try something else at the time, so I didn’t buy it then. That’s why I got it this time round to try. The sugar scrub was something I wanted to try as well. Both smell amazing. The soap is, like the name already tells you, scented like honey, but I also detect a hint of vanilla. The sugar scrub scent doesn’t have a name but it smells really nicely. I also got to try some body lotions and some massage bars. I will most likely take some of that home the next time I’m visiting Lush.

Sorry about some of the pictures being blurry. My camera sometimes acts up like that.

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