Once upon a fairly bad day…

… I came down with the worst cold I’ve had in years,

Self medication is the key!

… I was not receiving orders I put in almost 2 weeks ago,

… I had to go home early due to said cold,

… I was told my company is not granting me compensation for paying my gym subscription last year due to a technicality,

… I would much rather be asleep than do anything else, yet can’t seem to because of said cold,

… I decided veggie soup would be the key to all my problems

… I ran out of chapstick

It’s a sad day even for chapstick

/ end rant

So how was your day?

3 responses to “Once upon a fairly bad day…”

  1. Poor you 🙁
    Actually my day was not so bad: finally a successful shopping spree! C&A rules for having cool jeans (cool belt included!) for only EUR15, and H&M rules for a bra that finally fits (and relatively cheap too!) 😉

    Beterschap!!! Als je ff het huis uit wilt: duizend boeken in tranen in de Waag!

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