Uni is treating me well…

… my health however isn’t. Just today I was told by my doctor that I have bronchitis. So that’s where the week long coughing came from. Oh well. At least I now get to call in sick with a good reason and not some vague cold symptoms. I was given antibiotics which I’m gonna start in a little bit, so hopefully it will be over soon.

On a much much brighter note, another grade for one of my classes just came in. And I’m a happy bunny once more! Here are my results so far:

Language Culture & Identity: 8

Interactive Language Use: 7.5

Cognitive Sociolinguistics: 8.5

That last one came in just today. Tomorrow is the official date for another exam, but since I’m sick I won’t be going. My teacher has agreed to send me the test though, so I can make it at home! How nice is that?!!! So yeah, here’s to hoping I can pass that too, even though I didn’t get to do much studying as I didn’t really have the energy to do any studying during the past week, but I at least want to give it a shot. If I don’t make it, there will always be the resit and at least I’ll have seen what type of questions are being asked!

2 responses to “Uni is treating me well…”

  1. Nogmaals beterschap!!
    Hoe heeft die prof trouwens dat bord op die foto volgeschreven? Daar heeft-ie toch op z’n minst een laddertje bij nodig gehad 😉

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