My favorite places to shop online

Shopping is fun. Whether online or offline. Online shopping especially fun as you can just stay home and don’t have to battle any crowds. Here are the places I frequent the most:

  1. Amazon: I love the UK version of Amazon. For several reasons. A) they have everything regarding books and DVDs. B) they have fast shipping to the Netherlands. C) they now have free shipping to the Netherlands if you spend 25 pounds or more. D) they are cheaper and faster than my Dutch record store E) they are cheaper and faster than my Dutch book store. It’s a win-win situation.
  2. H&M: Ever since I started working & studying at the same time I quickly found the online shop at H& very very convenient. The times I could now use to shop are the times everyone and there mother goes shopping. Thus H&M is always overcrowded and a huge mess. By now I pretty much know my size (I only returned an item once because it didn’t fit), and most of the time I can find an item online, but not in the stores. Plus I don’t have to bother with whining teenagers and battling crowds.
  3. Boozyshop: Like make up? Then Boozyshop is the ultimate online webshop for you! At least if you’re in Holland that is. It has a lot of brands and everything is available at a good price. It features great customer service (via twitter & e-mail) and returns and questions are answered promptly and sufficiently.
  4. Opus: best place to buy computer accessories like writable DVDs, SD cards, external harddrives etc. Good price and fast shipping!
  5. Victoria’s Secret: The shipping to NL is outrageous, but especially when the semi-annual sale comes around very very worth it. It helps though that I went to one of the stores when I was in the US to measure which size I was. But once you know that, you’ll be able to buy the best bras & panties you will ever find!

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