Albums I Look Forward to Hearing

2011 has been on its way for almost two months now and a new year means more new music that is being released. Here are some of the albums I’m excited to get my hands on/ listen to that I know are coming out this year or that have just recently hit the record store shelves

In no particular order:

  • Cold War Kids – Mine is Yours. I love their song ‘I’ve Seen Enough’ and am curious about this album. It’s apparently more main stream that their previous work. This album was released a few weeks ago.
  • Elbow – Build a Rocket Boys. Comes out on March 4th. I love Elbow. I was introduced to them by the album ‘The Seldom Seen Kid’ which won the Mercury Prize for album of the year in 2008. Where I’ve merely skimmed over their repertoire, my mom is addicted to their music. It was her who told me the new album comes out soon. Can’t wait to hear it.
  • De Staat – Machinery. Also comes out on March 4th. I already loved their debut album: Wait for Evolution and saw them live in April of 2009 when they had just started to become a bit of a name on the Dutch music name. By now, their concerts are selling out quickly and there is already plenty of buzz about this album going round. Especially after the release of first single ‘Sweatshop’, which I blogged about not too long ago.
  • Britney Spears – Femme Fatale. Release date: March 28th. Britney’s albums are a staple in my music collection. I cannot get away with not owning this one as well.
  • Lykke Li – Wounded Rhymes. Also soon to be released. Second album by Swedish songwriter Lykke Li. I loved her first one and am curious as to what this one will bring. I’ve heard she’s swopped the cuteness for a more edgy tone and risky lyrics. We’ll see.
  • Fleet Foxes – Helplessness Blues. To be released in May. I love the first track that’s already floating around the airwaves. It’s the title track of the album. Again a band whose previous album I loved.
  • My Morning Jacket – title yet to be announced. I just recently got into this band, because I picked up one of their previous albums ‘Evil Urges’ at my local record store. I picked it up on a whim, but loved it and am therefore again curious to see what they came up with for the next one.
  • Esben & the Witch – Violet Cries. Already out. Heard this while it was on a free to listen site and fell in love. It’s rather dark and gloomy, but a very well done album. Would love to get my hands on this one.
  • Lady Gaga – Born this Way. Release date: May. If this second album is jampacked with more catchy well-done pop tunes like the first one, I will be a happy bunny.
  • Bon Iver – title yet to be announced. Love, love, loved ‘For Emma, Forever Ago’ as well as his little side project Volcano Choir’s Unmap.

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  1. Definitely looking forward to both Lady Gaga’s and Britney’s album! Also been waiting for the All-American Rejects and All Time Low albums for a few years now!

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