45 Things Tag

Thanks to Noelle, who posted this on her blog a few days ago.

9 things about myself:

  • I’m a pack rat
  • I still have all my old cassette tapes
  • I subscribe to both Time Magazine and Newsweek
  • My favorite color is red
  • I live on a canal
  • I love to try new things (esp. food & drink)
  • I have a thing for silly music
  • I get allergic reactions from washing my face and too many showers (as well as most skin cleansing products)
  • My favorite bag is a knock off Louis Vitton purse from NYC’s China Town

8 things that cross my mind a lot:

  • work
  • school
  • money
  • things to do
  • my family
  • my friends
  • sleep
  • music

7 things you want to do before you die:

  • move to the US
  • learn to speak Spanish
  • learn to play the guitar
  • build up my career
  • teach in China
  • go on a trip around the world
  • find true love

6 things I wish I could say to 6 different people (without mentioning who they are):

  • I’m not like you. Never have been. Never will be. So stop trying to give me advice I don’t need, even though I know you only do it because you care about me. Still I love you no matter what.
  • You used to be a pain in the butt, but I’m proud of what you did and how you changed your life around. You’re a prime example of how not to let negativity get you down.
  • Even though we don’t see each other that often anymore, I’m still glad to say you’re my best friend.
  • I miss you both. I’m glad I went to see you every week, without fail, for the last few years you were around. I hope you have both found your happy place.
  • If we don’t want people to think we’re a couple, perhaps we shouldn’t go on vacation together?? 😉 j/k
  • I know you can change your life around. Because I believe that with hard work and good effort you can achieve everything and you seem to be doing just that.

5 people who mean a lot:

  • my mom
  • my dad
  • my brother
  • my best friend
  • my friends (you know who you are!)

4 artists/bands you listen to often:

  • Johnny Flynn
  • Arcade Fire
  • Britney Spears
  • The Beatles

3 things you’re wearing right now:

  • oversized sweater
  • brown tights
  • high top brogues

2 things you do before going to bed:

  • brush my teeth
  • take off my make up

1 confession:

  • I really should save more money!

I tag everyone who wants to do this! Go!

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