Busy busy busy

This week my job is rather crazy busy. I have assessments with students where I have to award them study credits and I have a bunch of meetings and other important stuff to do. Needless to say, I´ll be glad by the time Thursday is over.

Yesterday pretty much took the cake. I was running around from the moment I walked in the door, till the moment I left. I did have a great inspiring meeting with some students though. I asked them to help me brainstorm about their new and final English course starting in April. They came up with some great ideas to make class more fun and interactive. So I´m excited about that! Can´t wait until Monday when I can put our ideas into concrete assignments.

Today means more assessments and a meeting about what route to take when it comes to English classes in the coming years. There are more budget cuts, less people and they are changing the curriculum yet again. *sigh* We honestly don’t know how we’ll manage next year, but that’s why we’re having a meeting. Wednesday will be the big bang: 6 assessments (they take about 45 – 60 min each) and no lunch. Not looking forward to that, but there was no other way.

Thursday only has one more assessment (the final one), some students who are going to drop by to get feedback on their exams, and I will finally have the chance to catch up on e-mails and grade the exams that some students did on Monday (there’s only 11 of them, so that should be okay). Then there’s uni in the afternoon, with a meeting about the details of my term paper. Can’t say too much about that right now, but it seems as if my main topic might be Twitter.

Luckily for me, I have no classes on Friday (for a change) so I will have three days of weekend, before it starts all over again with another 60 exams to grade, as well as teaching picking back up. This week, as well as next week, I don’t think I’ll be able to update as much as usual. Just giving a heads up.

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