5 Handy Cleaning Tips

Remember how your grandmother always knew how to solve things the old-fashioned way? Well here’s a few handy tips I got from my grandma, or which I picked up over time.

1. Peanut Butter

Peanut butter isn’t just a very yummy condiment to make sandwiches with. It’s a very versatible product. It makes for a great sticker/ sticky things remover. Don’t you find it annoying when you pull off a sticker and half the sticker is still there? Yeah, me too. Just put some peanut butter on the part that won’t come off and leave it on there overnight. The next day you can just wipe it off. Also works like a charm on chewing gum residue.

2. Cleaning Earrings

I wear mostly stud earrings and they´re a pain to clean. You have to do it once in a while though, as there´s a ton of gunk that accumulates in all the little crevices. All you need is a small bowl, some hot/ lukewarm water and some salt. Put the salt in the hot water and give it a stir. Put your earrings in the bowl and let it soak for a day/ overnight. Most of the gunk will dissolve or is easily removed with a toothpick

3. Fridge

Line your fridge with paper towels, especially in the spaces in the door, where you store jars & bottles. This will make it easier to clean, as you just take out the paper, wipe the surface and your good to go!

4. Allergic to dust?

I’m not allergic to dust in the strict sense. I only start to cough and sneeze when I dust my room as all the particles will fly around, clogging up my airways. Therefore I have taken to using a wet cloth to dust. It keeps it cleaner and there’s not dust particles to suffocate you.

5. Stove + aluminum foil for the win!

In the past couple of months I’ve taken to lining the top of my stove with aluminum foil. I share my kitchen with my housemate, who isn’t too keen on cleaning. In all the years she’s been living here, I don’t think she ever cleaned the stove. I always do that, but I cook the least. That’s why I was getting a bit fed up, cleaning up her mess continuously. Now, all the spatter and spillage will go onto the aluminum foil and it makes life so much easier!

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  1. Voor stickerresten kun je ook lampenolie gebruiken, hoef je helemaal niet te wachten, ffies wrijven (hoeft niet te boenen) en het gaat er af. 30sec/minuutje werk ofzo

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