Milk Shake Galore @ Make-a-Shake

Last year, Make-A-Shake opened right around the corner of my house. I’d never set foot in there, until yesterday. The concept is simple, the people are nice, the shake was delicious. I will definitely be buying from them in the future.

Basically what they do, is fuse any type of candy, or fruit, or cookie, or w/e and make them into milkshakes. But that’s not the only thing they’re selling. You can also get smoothies, coffee and some Italian chocolate milk drink I’ve never heard of. It’s not insanely expensive: €3 for a small milkshake and €3,50 for a big one. I tried the ‘Rolo’ one and thought it to be delicious. My next choice? Probably the Oreo one.

They claim to be the only milkshake store in the Netherlands, which could very well be true. And as luck has it: it’s right around the corner of my house. So, if anyone is ever in the city center of Leiden, be sure to check out this shop. They are located at Burgsteeg 2.

Visit their website here: and follow them on twitter:!/makeashakenl

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  1. Weet je nog dat we toen in de UK met Gosia en Ali naar zo’n eettentje gingen en daar ook een oreo shake hadden gedronken? Als die oreoshake half zo goddelijk is, als die in de UK, kom ik gelijk milkshakes drinken als we eindelijk in 2012 die datum hebben geprikt 😛

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